Thursday, October 3, 2013

Friday Flash Fiction 55 - The Alan Parsons Project

"Wow. What ancient crap are you listening to?"
"The Alan Parsons Project." I tell the boy.
"Like from Austin Powers?"
"No. Like from The Alan Parsons Project."
"Right. Austin Powers. Operation Wang Chung."
Enter No. 1 son, chortling. "Someone loves the 80's. What's for dinner?"
"Wiseass on a stick if you two don't shut up."

Dr. Evil: Anyways, the key to this plan is the giant laser. It was invented by the noted Cambridge physicist Dr. Parsons. Therefore, we shall call it the Alan Parsons Project.
Scott: Oh, my God.
Dr. Evil: What now?
Scott: The Alan Parsons Project is a progressive rock band in 1982. Why don’t you just name it ‘Operation Wang-Chung’? Ass.
Dr. Evil:  What should we. . .
Scott: Nothing. I’m sure ‘Operation Bananarama’ will be huge.
Dr. Evil:  What are you saying?
Scott: If you’re. . .
Dr. Evil:  Shh.
Scott:  . . .trying to be hip. . .
Dr. Evil:  www [dot] shh [dot] com . . . [dot] org.

Thanks to G-Man, for being the Rockin'est Host in The (FFF 55) Games People Play!

Speedy's Birfday Bash!

Today is my rabbity nephew, Speedy the Cheeky Buccaneer Bunny's, Birthday! He is a whopping two years young! Happy Birfday from all of us here in Oklahoma, you handsome pirate!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bug's New Cardigan

I made my sweet/ebil girl baby Bug a new cardigan for Autumn. It is a nice dark pumpkin pie orange with a turned yoke collar, an abalone shell button, and blanket stitching. Of course, it is a recycle from a sweater I won't wear anymore. She is my pretty pretty princess punkin' pie! She looks adorable, so naturally she hates it. That is HER problem, not mine. Hehehe. I love dressing her, but she is not always so happy to be dressed.