Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gettin' Skinny Minnie: Update

Well, I got a bonded trio.  No, the girls are not spayed yet, but they are the same age and the boy is just a little lover lagomorph, though he is neutered.  He loves having both girls to dote on.  I think he will always be closer to Mean Girl, but all three are currently sitting on a box eating their supper, nose to nose to nose.  I am leaving the x-pens open to each other now and it is working out nicely.  Poor girl was so lonely, I think.  When she is getting her snuggles, she gets super pissed off and thumps until she gets scratched and rubbed again.  Then her eyes close and she goes all pancake bunn and tooth purrs.  She loves being snorgled, held, kissed and loved on. 
She is also losing weight, which she needed.  Her dewlap was so tight around her neck.  But she is a good little eater and drinker and pooper, and that is a relief.
It's very nice having a trio, and great they are getting on so nicely.

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  1. Yippee! so glad that they love each other,You were so meant to have Minnie!