Saturday, July 13, 2013

Jesus, Mary, and Canned Pumpkin

Auntie Jane and I have been discussing my Meany Girl Bunny's GI dysbiotic symptoms.  I will not bore you all with the details, as I am sure you know how serious watery poop is when it comes to rabbits.  Sure, you start the Critical Care, forcing fluids and keeping the little things warm and quiet. But some of us believe that nothing works so much as prayer to The Creator and Great Physician of bodies and souls. A rabbit, and occasionally a human being as well, has a soul. Life is not just a quantifiable science. Life is the Breath and Movement of The Holy Spirit who is God. He is the reason the heart beats and the lungs breathe. There are many who breathe, walk and talk, and look so alive, but are dead. They have rejected the meaning and purpose of their lives. They have denied their Maker. And there are people and things that seem insignificant, but radiate the Light of Life, they reflect the Living Grace of God. Like little birds and ants and human babies. And bunnies.
I asked Jane to pray for my little fluffy bit of ebil dryer lint and firecracker that God made into a bunny. Here is her prayer, it made me feel joy to read it, and I will keep it forever:

Hail Mary full of grace. Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners and for those who do not sin, especially Meany and all bunnies, now, in the hour of their need, and at the hour of their death. Queen of Angels, come to Meany's aid. Queen of heaven and earth, come to Meany's aid. Oh, thou to whom the Angel Gabriel brought the glorious and holy glad tidings, intercede for Meany. Spouse of the Holy Spirit, intercede for Meany. Mother, given to us all at the foot of the cross, intercede for Meany. As we meditate on the sacred and imperishable proclamation of eternal salvation given by our Lord Jesus Christ, we ask also of him his unfailing mercy and blessing on Meany and all the livingness of this world. Love is the glory of God and let his favor rest on the loving heart of Brandi now as she nurses Meany and always. Amen

This morning, my diarrhetic little crazy bomb gave me two firm, if a little misshapen, doots. She is pissed off about being cooped up in isolation (carrier) but is doing so much better. She is eating like she should. We all know, at least we SHOULD know, that GI problems in rabbits is a dangerous condition. She will be quarantined and fussed over and her poop and urine output monitored closely this weekend. 
How sweet is our God Jesus to give healing to even the littlest creatures. 
Thank You, and thank you , Jane, for praying for two pounds (soaking wet and furious) of what the world considers nothing of significance. 
Bless you all, and Bless the Bunnies!


  1. I add my prayers to yours Brandi to make our babies well,for I know the big man upstairs is listening to us all,xx Rachel

  2. That was an awesome prayer..I'll pray for mean girl. Keep maddy in mind too! Poop is of the essence! You all are in my thoughts & my prayers..I know how much anxiety you must feel!

    1. I read on Speedy's blog that Maddy was having smaller poops, too. I think these little lionheads have been bred without thought to the consequences of playing with DNA.
      I obsess about her little bitty poops because they hardly have any substance to them at all and when they get smaller and harder, well I know it is time to intervene.
      Usually it is just wool block because she is an OCD groomer and barbers the other rabbits. But this time she had juicy-poo. Thank God she is getting better. I am telling you, NO TREATS for any bunny for a good two weeks. Hay and pellets only and some fresh grass and herbs from outside. No store bought greens, either. Oh, and I am giving them canned pumpkin once a day for about week. They all need to have their guts scrubbed clean with hay and pumpkin and grass to get that shed wool out of their systems.
      I am not kidding, I don't think that I will ever have rabbits again after this wild bunch crosses the bridge. I love them too much and it hurts so much to watch them suffer.
      Of course I say this, but then some fluffy little bit of waskowy wabbit will make me fall in love and the whole thing will start over. And you know, rabbits are like peanuts or potato chips (crisps for you, Speedy, in the Queens English, hehehe), you cannot have just one.
      So this prayer is for the two crazy grenade lionhead girls with tummy aches, and Speedy and his eye ulcer.
      I don't think I ever worried this much about the health of my biological children when they were small!!!

    2. you know why because human children can tell whats wrong and furbabies can't so you have go by the signs they give you,but they will all get better I just know it!xx Speedy

  3. Brandi, I sure hope Meany and Maddy and Speedy are all doing better. I wish I thought it was a conspiracy and the little ones just loved to torture us. That would make it a bit more bearable. Unfortunately, that not what is going on. Peace and Love, Jane

  4. Brandi, This evening I went from DR to HOR. I left you a silly message at DR, then I found out at HOR that Winston has gone to his bunny reward. It is the best kind, the kind we all hope for. I am so sad, and I know you will be, too, but be okay. We know that Winnie is better than okay. Love, Jane

  5. Brandi, I saw a bumper sticker today, "OU, Helping young Texans achieve their dreams since 1883." It is supposed to be about how cheap Texans are when it comes to education and almost everything else.

  6. Brandi, RG, said something about cutting back the daisies. Is he just trying to upset us or is that actually something one does with daisies?