Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Guinea Pig in Great Pain and Great Need!

Hi Bunny Moms and Dads,

I got an email today from a member of Etherbun, a Yahoo Group forum dedicated to the health and wellness of companion rabbits.
As you all know, compassion for one kind of animal usually is just an extension of compassion for all of God's little critters, though we may have our favorites. This Etherbunner asked me if I knew of anyone or anyway to help to a fellow animal lover get treatment for a guinea pig in great pain and distress. Guinea pigs are sweet, gentle, smiley faced, wheeking, squeaking  popcorning little fuzzy bundles of adorable, and no little piggy should suffer the pain of passing kidney stones.

Below is a picture of bladder stones passed by a dwarf lop. They literally made her squirt blood from her urethra. A grown man could not handle these, imagine a tiny bunny. Now imagine these in a little guinea pig. 

The MAIN reason I started this blog was to be able to connect people with the ability to afford products/money with animal parents who need just a little help to get through an emergency, or when life throws a curveball.  I am asking for help now for this little guinea pig.  Please please, if you can help, contact me via email and I will get you in touch with the person who needs that little extra push up the hill this month.  Also, please, do not expect or ask for repayment.  These contributions should be acts of love for the sake of love.
This idea of connecting people started with Lola the Bunny from Etherbun. She passed kidney stones through her tiny bunny sized urethra that would make a full grown man wish for death. Her dad was going to have to shuffle funds and use rent money to get her the meds and treatment she needed. He said that he did not care if he lost his apartment. Any place was home as long as he had his Lola. Dammit, that makes me cry like a baby every time I tell it...That is love, people.

Please read the following email, and let me know if you can help!

UPDATE: You can make donations via PayPal to the Special Bunny Cinderella Fund. (having some difficulty adding link to PayPal, but just click on the Special Bunny link below and you can get to their PayPal donation page) They have generously offered to not only help with what they can for Piggy, but have nicely agreed to be a fiscal intermediary for her care between donors and the vet! I will update as I get news. Please indicate that the funds are for Piggy! And visit Special Bunny's Website! A bunny organization helping a guinea pig! This networking thing is great! You can definitely donate to Special Bunny FOR bunnies, too, LOL, not just piggypiggies!

Hi Brandi,
I remember you telling me a long time ago about your project of connecting donors with owners who can't afford urgently needed vet care for their bunnies.  Do you, or would you consider a Guinea pig that has probable kidney or bladder  stone issues?  The owner came to me (Bunny Day-Spa, I have helpers who are competent with GP's ).  Her GP has what appear to me to be symptoms of probable urinary tract stones.  She took the piggy to the vet, got a UA, antibiotics for probable UTI, but couldn't afford to get labwork done to check out kidney function.  The piggy is now having symptoms like she is trying to pass stones.  The owner has spent all she could at this time, and won't have funds for several weeks from now. She has a huge heart, and takes in rescued animals but lives on a fairly tight budget--- so  labwork and now xrays probably too are going to be more than she could swing unless vet would take payments (they won't though).  I'm trying to help her with some of the things she needs to help the piggy (SQ fluids, critical care, pain meds), but the animal needs vet care or is going to have to be pts. 
As soon as I send this to you, my next task is to talk to her about seeing if there is any way she can scrape together enough to euthanize the piggy---who is in pain, if treating the problem isn't going to be able to happen ASAP.   If your organization is able to help her get the needed care for the piggy....that would be awesome.  If you can't (I know---it's not a rabbit), do you know of or can suggest group that might be able to help in this situation?  Time is of the essence.
I can provide you with her contact info, and whatever else you may need  to know about the situation.  I would recommend both an xray (prob about $100), and the labwork ($40 draw-up fee, $90 labwork), pain meds, and  more SQ fluids.  This should get them into a better situation.
thanks for considering it,

I have contacted the Cinderella Fund folks to see if there is help for a non-lagomorph in need. 

Please, even your prayers are needed for this little piggy girl. 
St. Francis, St. Melangell, and All Martyred and Sainted Unmercenary Physicians, pray unto God for this guinea pig in great pain and in need of mercy. You, who stand boldly before Christ as His friends, intercede for the piggy and her mum for help and the easing of a painful illness. He is the God of all creatures, great and small, and the Great Physician.  Death, disease and misery came into the world and claimed us all, even the innocent sweet little creatures, through the fall of man. It is only right for mankind to offer of themselves to protect and serve these noble, beautiful beings.  We ask this together with the prayers of the angels and all merciful, all holy, all immaculate Mother of God, and in the name of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen.


  1. Hi Brandi,I have shared this on google+ and I will do a piece on todays post lets see if we can spread the word to help this little mite,xx Rachel

  2. Hi Brandi I'll have link the post back to you so you might get some extra traffic as time is of the essence on this one,xx Rach


    2. We have put the update on Speedys post and with speedy's pal Brians post tomorrow this should get things moving,xx Speedy and Rach

  3. Hi Brandi the post is up lets hope it works,xx Rachel

  4. Hi Brandi! The link to the paypal isn't working. Try this one:

    And tell people to indicate this is for the Piggy or email us to tell us they've donated for the GP using our contact form, ok? XO Tamara-of-SpecialBunny

    1. Thanks, Tamara. I am having some difficulty linking to PayPal. Everyone, just go Special Bunny's website and you get to their PayPal donation page!

    2. Hi Brandi,I went to Special Bunny's,there's a donation button there I clicked and left a donation when you review the donation there a add comments bit thats where you leave the indication for the guineapig appeal,Rachel