Thursday, January 31, 2013

Friday Flash Fiction 55 - Taste This Pickle

"Taste this." She shook a limp pickle spear at his face.
"Ma'am, I'm not going to taste that pickle."
"Where's your manager, you rude young man? These pickles have gone bad. They've lost their sour."
He wiped his glasses and looked at the jar.
"Those'r bread and butter pickles."
"The nerve, selling me bad pickles!"

The inspiration for this 55 comes from a jar of Mt. Olive Baby Kosher Dill pickles that I picked up at Wal Mart. I have been craving the Mt. Olive Kosher Baby Dills with Texas Pete chilies.

I picked up the wrong jar, which was OK. But I took a bite into my pickle had lost its sour. It has lost that awesome dill pickle flavor that I LOVE. I shook my half eaten baby dill at my husband and said "taste this".  He said, " I am not tasting your pickle".  Pickle lovers, beware! You might just get a jar of bad pickles! And you know, when you NEED a pickle, that can be devastating. How the hell am I supposed to eat a tuna sandwich without a pickle? 
Hmph. First World problems, right...
Look at my side bar the right...see...The Popcorn Fharmacy here in Oklahoma City has a fantastic selection of flavored popcorn. I recommend their Dill Pickle flavored popcorn HIGHLY. They will ship an order, so click on the link and get you a yummy bagful of their mmm mmm good dill pickle popcorn. I also recommend their Vanilla Butternut and Butter Rum! Now I am making myself crave popcorn.

Thank you, G-Man, for being a most excellent Friday Flash Fiction 55 host! xoxoxo, (pickle breath and all!)


  1. (Give me a moment)
    It's taking all my power to keep my big fat naughty mouth shut right now....
    OK....I'm Ok.
    You know Bunnygurl, I appreciate a good pickle. Vlasic Pickels is less than 30 miles from here!
    I can feel your pain, and smell your breath.
    Loved your pickle packing 55
    Thanks for playing, keep searching for the perfect Gherkin, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

    1. Naughty mouth? You? Say it isn't so!

  2. Mt Olive is based in my Norrh Carolina. Bread & Butter just is NOT sour!!

  3. I love Mt. Olive stuff.
    My favorite thing they make is the diced jalapeno peppers. They're great in everything from taco meat to chili to sub sandwiches.

    And yes, the pickles are great too. :)

    Thanks for doing Friday 55!
    Mine's here. :)

  4. For me, I like the sweet pickles. I guess I like all things sweet, including bunnies!

    He Should Have Known Better

  5. ha i made that mistake before...its is definitely a surprise when you just pop one in your like both though...just not what you are expecting....

    my 55 is here

  6. Love this Brandi, both the fiction and the non-fiction version!

  7. I had no idea it was possible for pickles to lose their sour. How awful.

  8. Heeheehee...between you and G-man I can't stop giggling!

  9. How cute! I have to say, I'd have problems with the bread and butter pickles instead of a dill. :-)

  10. I have never eaten a pickle in my life so I wouldn't know if they lost their sour :)

  11. Great 55, Brandi. It is Monday and I am hopping down the bunny trail. Ah, to steal or not to steal? To be left homeless with a bunny or to have a house without one?

    1. Tell him it is a Valentine's gift to you from him!

    2. That's a great idea, Brandi! Now how do I respond to his question, "Have you taken leave of your senses"? I've got it, I'll just tell him it was your idea. What could go wrong? I took two potential volunteers to the shelter today. Naturally they were totally impressed and want all the bunnies. What a good day. All three of us crooning over the little babes.

  12. Ha ha ha, funny 55. I love pickles too!