Wednesday, March 27, 2013

MISS Myra Daffodil

HER name is Miss Myra Daffodil. Sometimes, I DO get it wrong. Mr. Hopson is not a Mister, but a new Bunny Sister for my warren of Lagomorph Overlords.
Yup, I managed to catch her and I can tell you there was some blood, sweat, and tears. Lots of tears. You have no idea. I am such a shithead. You have no idea. Anyway, I don't want to get into that.
But my Myra D. is a gorgeous baby girl. After she settled down (ugh, I think she had a minor seizure when I actually caught her) I put her on my bed and took a nail brush and got all the tufts of velvet that were coming off her ears, and I brushed her til she was glossy and she did enjoy it.
Honestly, I am ashamed of myself this evening. But she is inside. May God, Meany Girl, and Myra D. forgive me for being a dumbass, for being cruel, impatient, and for killing that poor earthworm. If I were a Buddhist, I would be a bit suicidal about now. I need an Ativan.
Pictures to follow...


  1. Yippee!way to go Brandi! Queen of the Stray Furbabies!so proud of you and it doesn't matter how you caught her as long as she is OK,xx Rachel and Speedy
    P.S:Speedy is busting with pride for his Auntie Brandi!

  2. Yes, we are proud of you, Brandi. Alas, I know the feeling you are talking about all too well. I think the learning has made me better, but the bad feelings have been hard to shake. The anguish has allowed a bunn to have a great home. I hope your nephew and father-in-law have made it through a day that had to be tough for them and theirs as well. How about you pretend that you are the bunn this evening and pet yourself on the head. Peace and Love, Juana

    1. Well if Joshua would fix my camera I could post decent pictures of Myra D.
      My father in law looks like hell, is doped up to the point where he does not know what day it is and is on "drunk time", meaning he is up at all hours of the night and early mornings, thinking everyone else and the world should be awake too and not letting my mother in law sleep at all. He keeps thinking he is late for church and wakes the whole house up to hurry up and get ready. Lord have mercy! I told Mr. Bubbles that it might be getting close to hospice time for him. But I can see things a little more objectively than anyone else. I guess it seems cold blooded.
      My nephew is indestructible and invincible. My sister in law said that right after surgery, he was up and running around the hospital. He is on Lortab lollipops and thinks he ten feet tall and bullet proof. The surgeon said he had the biggest set of tonsils he had ever seen. His uvula had adhered to one of them, too, causing a marked speech impediment. That was how it was discovered, by the speech therapist at school.
      My poor mother in law is a train wreck but holding together well.

  3. So glad to hear your nephew is doing well. I have never heard a tonsil story like that. I hope he is enjoying the prospect of sharing this story with everyone. I so wish things were better for your in-laws. Their news is not what I was hoping for. A little bit of extra objectivity is a good thing but not much fun for the person called upon to be objective. Such a difficult time. We are praying here in Austin. May healing and the peace of the Lord surround them. Juana

  4. Brandi we are all here for you if you want to video chat just let me know when and I'll put it on,its time Speedy saw his Auntie Brandi again,xx Rachel