Monday, January 27, 2014

Done Blogging For A While

I will be done blogging for a while. It was not like I was a prolific blogger to begin with.
But I am started a new job tomorrow and it will require some overtime for a bit. Overtime is great, but of course means limited "me" time. I will still be following everyone's blogs closely, and living vicariously through their blogs. LOL. I am addicted to the blogs I follow and have made wonderful friends in the blogosphere. I may not comment as frequently, but I am always watching...and reading...and watching...
Most of my free time will be spent sewing, cleaning, and loving on my Bug, Spider, Casey, and our new psychotic kitten, Roadie.
Of course, I will still be slaving over the bunnies. They are still a bit miffed at me for the nail trims they got the other day. Well, they are NEVER really happy with me. They disapprove at all times, but to different levels. From 1-10, and ten being the highest level of disapproval (bunny rage implosion), I would say my rating right now is about a five.
So I am off now to get stuff done before tomorrow, and to try and kowtow the lagomorphomasters.
Love you all very much! Pray I do not screw up too much at my job, which I am SO excited to begin!


  1. Awww Brandi,we will miss your post,but good luck with the new job,love you lots,xx Rachel and Speedy
    P.S:New Kitten???!!!!

  2. Good luck with the new job, Brandi! We hope you love it.
    Jensen and BC (Mom, too.)

  3. Carry On! Geeze - don't screw up. But then - no human boss could ever be as demanding as a bunny or two!!! You'll probably do great.

  4. Brandi, Everyone is missing you, but Fleetie filed an official complaint. He wants you back. Poor guy, and tomorrow is Monday. Brandi, I hope all is going well. You are the best, but sometimes that is not easy. As Mother Teresa would have said, "Be the best anyway." We love you, Juana