Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Away, Put The Manger!

On my to-do list this day was to put away Christmas. I can check that off my list. I put the sisal/rafia garland on the table to give the bunnies after I clean their pen (another thing on my list).  Spider wanted to perform a late Nativity play, with himself as Baby Jesus. He was just so silly and cute, I did not have the heart to tell him that he is either very late or extremely early for Nativity Festivity.
But as I have said before, cats have a convoluted sense of reality, so I doubt it would bother him much. After all, cats are weird, and a new year can hardly change THAT reality.

Fremen Cat!!! 


  1. Brandi, I love what you write and photograph. I am as always having having technical problems, but am so happy when I can comment and thank you for you here and elsewhere. Get into all the trouble you want. Just make sure we hear all about it. "May the warmth of the sun dawning on this new day remind you of the love of God for you and for all creation." I can't remember where this came from. I wrote it down on a small piece of paper a long time ago. Peace, love, and blessings, Juana

    1. I think your technical problems have something to do with Google Plus. Also, I changed the title of the blog back to the original, which might be why you are able to get back to it and comment. Google must be a cat. Weird.
      Love to Fen and GF!

  2. hehehe well he does think he's s rabbit so it works!xx Rachel

  3. Surely there was a cat in the manger, too! One of the "Friendly Beasts" like we sang about in Sunday School.