Tuesday, December 31, 2013

BIG Plans To Do NOTHING!!!

New Year's Eve plans?

  1. Clean my bedroom
  2. Clean the kitchen
  3. Whittle away at Mount Dirty Laundry
  4. Continue reading God Emperor of Dune for the millionth time
  5. Fall asleep long before midnight

New Year's Day plans?

  1. Change the bed clothes in my room
  2. Clean the bunny pens
  3. Put away Christmas decorations
  4.  Continue whittling down Mt. Dirty Laundry
Be safe, my lovelies!!! See you all in 2014!


  1. My night was early to bed and today cooking a Hog roast lunch!Happy New Year Brandi to you and your family and babies,xx Rachel ,Nick and Speedy

  2. My family and I went early to bed and are watching the parade today! Best wishes to you in this New Year. I wish health and happiness to you!
    Sir. Fernly