Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Kids" With New Christmas Toy

DeeDee and Pickles are my parents' cats They were adopted this year from the animal shelter, and they love their new toy.  Clover Cockatoo is not as impressed with it, though.
And guess who made out like bandits this Christmas...THE BUNNIES!!! They got a huge box of assorted goodies from my dad. He almost got his finger bit off by his sister's bunny when he was a small child and has no reason to love rabbits. But he sure spoils mine at Christmas. He has never even met them! Ain't he just a Softy Santa Paws!  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of joy and peace and lots of yummy noms!


  1. ... and now on to a Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Hehehe Speedy got Spoiled too.Merry Christmas and And Happy New Year,xx Rachel

  3. Great ideas for Christmas for kids! I love everything here. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about this.