Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My First Bear - Updated with Face!

UPDATE: I embroidered her a set of eyes and sculpted her face a teeny bit while doing so. I also gave her a little pink bow....and a NAME. She is Osa Del Sol. Sun Bear, or Bear of the Sun. Her yellow chevrons look like sun rays, and she is wearing a Mexican-style peasant dress. She is my little Osasita Linda!

Mother and I are making Christmas bears. I have not made any yet, and the Christmas themed fabric I bought at Jo-Ann's is EXPENSIVE, even on Black Friday and being 60% off.  So before I cut into it, Mother suggested that I practice. I cannot find the pattern she is using in my copies, so I used a copy of Dreams Spinners 118 Three Bears pattern that I found at a thrift store many years ago.   Mother says her pattern is much more simple, so after tackling this pattern, I think I feel confident enough to slice and slash my way through that gorgeous Christmas fabric!

 I made the 24 inch bear in an ugly yellow and white chevron fabric that I received for free. This pattern had MANY pieces, but was easy to sew, although I think I messed up on the legs because the feet point inward and I definitely overstuffed her. But I put a little purple peasant dress on her, and the color goes smashing with that yellow.

I just need to give her some eyes and a bow.

The fun thing about these bears is that they can be made in any theme. I am going to have fun making Valentine bears!


  1. SHe is Beautiful Brandi,would love to see the Christmas bear when it is done,xx Rachel

  2. She is so cute and such unusual fabric! Thank you for your kind wishes for Bridge. You are right, it is very hard to see them not well.