Friday, October 26, 2012

Being Mean to the Cat....

So I posted a video this morning all about the bunnies and our routine, a little about their personalities, etc.
Spider, the cat, kept getting in on it and I yelled at him a few times. Well, my son asked why I was being so mean to the cat in a very disgusted voice. After watching the video again, yes, I was being a bit of a bitch to him.  So I will shoot another video in the morning and post it. AND I will try to be nice to the cat. No "Brooming" him or yelling at him or calling him names. YES, I was being a bitch. It happens.
For the record, I adore that silly cat.  


  1. I'm glad you have come clean on your feelings about your kitty,as he is a lovely kitty he reminds me of my old smoke who passed over the rainbow bridge about ten years ago and look at your kitty cuddling bug so sweet,don't you wish you could join in on the cuddle,but don't worry we love you too Speedy and Rach

  2. Hahaha! Poor cat! But you just can't cut in to Bunny Time. Bunny Time is sacred.