Friday, October 19, 2012

Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food-Review

Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food-Review

******Hey, forgot to mention real quick that if anyone in the Oklahoma City area wants to go halvzies on these, let me know and we can save on shipping! Just email me. Also, if you are wanting to try this food, you can get a free sample from their website. Just click on the title above. *******

I ordered the Maintenance and Show Rabbits blend. Please tell me why it took this long for someone to come up with this blend of food for rabbits? Dude, do rabbits come by soy, corn, and sugar cane fields in the wild? Is that why so much molasses and corn and soy are used in commercial foods? I am still giving them grass, timothy and oat hay, as much as they want. But I am keeping their bowls full of these pellets and they can eat as much or as little as they wish. I would definitely NOT do that with other brands of pellets, including Oxbow, which I believe is the tippy top of rabbit nutrition  in the commercial feed world.

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I bought a bag and had a free sample with it. I know it is good for them because they do not like this food the way they like other pellets. They will eat it because I will not feed them anymore of the store bought pellets they are used to. I think they just miss the sweeter, junk food version of pellets with the molasses and all the corn bi-products. McDonalds vs. organic, whole, home-cooked food. Their coats are about the same, but they always had nice shiny fluffy coats. The ammonia urine smell is gone gone gone. GONE.
Also, their fresh pooped fecals do not smell anymore.  Before, the fresh fecals had a weird onion burger/oxidated oniony  kind of odor. Now, nothing. No odor at all. And they seem to be pooping a lot more (A WHOLE LOT MORE) even though they are eating less of the pellets.
Now don't think my babies are suffering. They get treats ALL the time.  I buy the organic freeze dried fruit at the healthfood store, they get raw shelled pumpkin seeds, oats, craisins...and they still get their spring mix/herb mix salads once a day.
I am very happy with this food and will not be purchasing anything else but Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit pellets in the future.
The only issue I have is that the shipping cost doubles the price of the food.  But you have to do what you have to do to keep the babies healthy.
Hey, and check out their blog! Very cute and entertaining.


  1. That's interesting that your buns don't like the food. Most of mine LOVE it! But there are a couple of hold outs. I just thought they were oddballs, but it's good to see that they were not the only ones.

    1. Like I mentioned, I think it has a lot to do with them being used to the other commercial brands with more molasses and corn fillers.
      As long as they are eating, I am happy, even if they are not thrilled with this brand of pellets.
      I have not noticed them losing weight at all. I think they are gaining weight actually. They are putting on some winter fat. They don't get a whole lot of treats, maybe once a day if I remember or go in to sit with them a bit in their pen. I don't let them out often because they are escape artists and decide for themselves when they want want free range time. Then they see us coming and run run run back into their pen. They are so silly. I wuv my bunneh wunnehs.

  2. Yes, it is probably the molasses and corn fillers :) I think the longer they are eating those pellets, the better they will do. My picky few are eating their pellets much better now. Their pellets smell delicious and so pretty and green. I don't understand why those silly buns were holding out lol.

  3. not sure I can get this in the UK but it does look good,Speedy gets Burgess Supa Rabbit Excel Lite as it seems to be the best one I can get at the moment