Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rabbit Habit - A Weekly Interview

I was emailing back and forth a bit with another bunny parent and suddenly .  
There are so many great stories, information, etc out in the Rabbit Cosmos that so few of us Bunny Addicts get to know about. Why? Well because these folks do not blog. Some people just don't "put it all out there" like we do. Ok, like I do, anyway. I put it ALL out there on my blogs, on other blogs...I am, as one fellow Rabbit Slave put it, VOCIFEROUS about anything and everything LAGOMORPH.
So every week I will have a new interview with a non-blogging Rabbit Nut with a severe Rabbit Habit.

****Rabbit Habit  is now officially, UNofficially a *trademark phrase* of Voices For Rabbits Blog, and no one may use it without permission. If you do, I will make you

None of us Blunt Skulls wants to Narfle the Garthok, now do we?****

Ugh. Ok fine, you can use it...I am fresh out of Garthok,  anyway. 

Stay tuned Bunny Junkies. I have a great interview lined up with LIZ, mother and slave to Lily the Flemmie and her diminutive husBun, Cinder the Lionhead!


  1. Love the changes and we can't wait for the interview...and as always we are giggling away again,xx Rach and Speedy

  2. Brandi, I didn't know you had websites. You and they are great. Signed, an anonymous UT fan with whom you have had previous exchanges.

  3. Thanks for not deleting my comment. I am sort of no good with computers, but I assume that you can delete messages using "Delete". I haven't tried it myself because then my message might be deleted.

  4. My Dearest UT Fan(atic), why in the world would I delete your comment? The Bunny Bloggosphere would be a lonely place without you!!!!!

  5. Ahh, Brandi, you going a little soft? Anyway, as I work my way through your older posts, I realize there are a lot of Anonymouses out there. I need a name other than Jane. I was thinking about BetrayedByBunns. I hate to keep bringing up my alma mater to identify myself. Any ideas? I don't even know if I have enough computer skills to know how to change from Anonymous. Can we send you a present for you or bunny organization volunteers or anything you want?

  6. Mz. Jane Anonymous, PhD, UT, every time you hug a bunny,or give to a bunny, you are doing all I could ever hope or want anyone to do!

  7. Okay, Brandi. Sounds like a tough assignment, but I'll do my best.

  8. Woo hoo! I found your blog! And I think this is a fabulous idea!

    I need to include stories of my sister's buns in my blog.

    1. Yes, the more bunny tales that get out there, the more exposure to the public, the more educated they become! And it's adorable to see and hear about bunnies, too, of course.