Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hooray For Bunny Poops!

Meany Girl Bunneh Wunneh. My pretty little dust bunny! She is feeling much better, thank You, Jesus!

My Baby Boy Bunneh Wunneh, I lubs hims! Look how floofy he is, and that is with a recent trim (I took off about one inch all around!). He is a Jersey Woolly. This is why Meany had wool block. She is an obsessive groomer and barbers him too much.

He just has to get into the picture. Ain't he pretty? Spider Cat!

Meany Poops! YAY!!!

This evil harpy bitch lives under the house. She hooked me, AGAIN, while I spooned food into the bowls for her!  I think she is pregnant, which is why I have been giving her food and water several times a day. I need to get a trap. I DO NOT want a litter of kittens under the house in the deep of winter! 

This fat tub-o-lard belongs to someone, but he comes around at feeding time. He is FAT! FAT! FAT! I thought he was a pregnant female once. Nope, just a freeloading hippocat. He is kinda sweet, though. 

Boy, he sure gives her the royal treatment. He is three times her size and can probably kill her with a swipe of his fat paw, but when she hisses, he backs away and waits til she is done with her supper. 

Waiting...waiting...waiting... I caught him at the end of a yawn. 

There's Spider, trying to get a load of the action and he was just meowing his goofy head off. 


  1. Yippee Meany Girl is her self once more,your Baby Boy is looking trim and Spider is very pretty so all is right in the house of Brandi!YIPPEE!hope you can get the little girl kitty,Rachel xxx

  2. They were eating hay like there was no...tomorrow...ehrm...

    I don't think I want to catch her! She is MEAN and hateful. I might get my throat ripped out!

  3. God Bless You and All Your Four-Footed Moral Dilemmas! And the two-footed ones, too!

  4. ...this reminds me. I need to groom, nay, pluck Ashy before I go on vacation.

    Jamili is the dedicated groomer in our house.