Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Bit of a Change...

Well, you all may notice that there has been a bit of a change here on the (former) Voices For Rabbits blog. I must accept the fact that I am NOT a very good voice for any creature, much less rabbits. As advocates go, I could use some work. Many blogs out there are doing some great work educating the world about the greatly misunderstood rabbit.
Hell, I don't even volunteer anymore at the local rabbit rescue and shelter. It may be only pennies that I give to any charity, IF I even give at all.
Yup, folks, this is my confession. I SUCK as a spokesperson for bunnies. Doesn't matter that I love them so much. Doesn't matter that my heart both longs and breaks for them. Doesn't matter how they just stick in my mind 24/7.  I am just not a productive advocate.
But, I do have four wonderful house bunnies of my very own. They rule my little world. My house revolves them, and Bug, my chihuahua princess. Oh, and she revolves around Mr. Bubbles and Spider, her goofy cat.
The four bunnies, Myra D., Mean Girl, Minnie Boom Boom, and Fatty Boyfriend, really know how to entertain themselves by teasing Bug and Spider. Between all six of them, my house is a circus. So I thought I would change up the name of the blog. I wasn't posting anything life changing anyway, so I will focus more on the fun stuff. Let others be the voice that rabbits need. All I can do is the best I can for my own bunns.
Hope you guys keep coming around. I have made a lot of great bunny slave friends!

My Four Bunnies Rule, and Bug is gonna try to stop them! Oh, and Spider's gonna help, too...the knucklehead.

Mean Girl and Fatty Boyfriend, the original evil bunny binarchy. 
Have to update and get better pics of Minnie Boom Boom and Myra D. before they bite me.

Bug and Spider. This is an older pic. They were still wee babies at the time. Spider still suckles on Bug's neck. It is quite pathetic when Bug has cat drool all over her neck. 


  1. Love the new name Brandi! It definitely showcases your creative side. But no matter what you call your blog, I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

  2. Love it Brandi,what with you food blog and this I am in for the body and food for the soul,you rock Brandi!xx Rachel and Speedy

  3. Well, get on with it, Brandi. The future of the world as we know it (in your house) is at stake! Thank you for this gift and ditto to all the above. Juana

  4. Well you are still here blogging about servitude .. just under a different name. You give us hope ....