Saturday, September 14, 2013

Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum! Pirate Party And Blog Hop!

Ahoy, Maties!

My handsome nephew of the lagomorph persuasion is having a Pirate Party and Blog Hop to celebrate his recovery from an eyeball-ectomy! His co-host and co-guest of honor is the lovely and lionhearted lionhead princess, Maddy Bunny! She survived being filleted like a codfish to have an abscess the size of a grapefruit removed from her abdominal cavity. She almost died, but we prayed and prayed for her, and Jesus made her all better cuz He has a soft spot in His heart for bunnies (it's in the bible if you look hard enough and know what to look for)!!

My own bunnies would straight-up kill me for dressing them up, but Bug and Spider are ready to Walk The Plank with Speedy and Friends!

I got rum in me guts, and saltwater in me veins, ye landlubbers!

Mom: Bugbug, is that blood on your dirk?
Bug: Yes, mama. 
Mom: What happened babygirl?
Bug: The scurvy dogs were gonna make me walk the plank! 
Mom: It's just a party, my sugar. I am sure it was all in good fun.
Bug: I know, mama, but the water was cold!!
Mr. Bubbles: Everyone should know better than to mess with a chihuahua! Come cuddle with your ole pappa bear under the blankies, babygirl! Wait...give mama that bloody dirk first...

Well, I guess with all that rum and grog getting passed around, there was bound to be a few fights and some bloodshed! It IS a pirate party after all...
Sorry, Rachel! I will help you clean up the blood and guts and vomit after the party! 


  1. Hehehehe gee you totally crack me up Brandi,xx Rachel

    1. Oh, dear. It's Monday. I am too afraid to assess the damage..

  2. Bug is one tough little thing! It's some party, that's for sure. I'll help with the clean-up, too. Especially if Jensen gets out of control with that sword of his.

    1. A pirate party with rabbits and rum will always get out of control.

  3. Ye be a excellent scurvy pirates!
    Me thinks ye would make a wonderful crew fer mes! Kisses
    Cap'n Nellie Queen 'o Hell

  4. LOL - your chihuahua knows how to pawty like a pirate!

    1. She is just a little bully. She can dish it out, but can't take her own medicine. A few moments ago, she was giving Spider a bit of hell, but when he turned on her, she got all butt-hurt and came to cuddle with Mr. Bubbles.

  5. Replies
    1. So are you...I hope you are feeling OK. Rachel was a bit worried about you. I might have tried to explain that UT have lost two games are calling for heads to roll from the tippy top of the panhandle all the way down to Brownsville. It might be a social reference that is either lost on her or that she just find ridiculous and a poor excuse for anyone to pout. LOL.

  6. Oh, Brandi, I never pout about football. I can't remember what I was down about at the time, but it wasn't football. I just suggested it as an arena for your incredible humor. I just needed to hear you say something funny.