Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fourteen Years And I haven't Killed Him...Yet!

Joshua Kevin, my number two son, my youngest, is fourteen years old today.  He has perfected the fine art of SUBTLE Smartassery. 
For supper we will have BBQ ribs, baked potato casserole, baked beans, and I am also making brownies, his favorite. 
We will have a proper party for him in a few weeks, probably together with his brother's birthday. He is going to see Volbeat with Mr. Bubbles next week, the ticket is a birthday gift from his G-Ma. 
I cried when he turned 13. I am OK this year. LOLZ.

Josh and Simon a few summers ago


  1. Happy Birthday to Josh! Sounds like a fine way to celebrate.

  2. Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday to you...Happy Birthday Josh....HAPPY BRTHDAY TO YOU!!!*a Singing Speedy*xx Speedy and Rachel

  3. Happy Birthday, Joshua Kevin. You are one blessed young man!

  4. Brandi, I know your family is busy celebrating JK's big event and congratulations, felicitations to you all on this occasion, but "one man's nanner, is another man's wheat bread" has to be worked into an F55. "They sat stoney faced across from each other. Was it always going to be this way?" Or something or the other. I don't mean to interfere with your creative process, but your HOR comment was so funny, and yet, I feel infinitely wiser as well.

    1. I got today's 55 out in time...JUST. I think my brain is shutting down. Maybe I got the brain worms...
      I did take your imagery, but used it in kind of another direction. My husband and oldest son are always in competition to get to the last bit of food, especially meat. Younger Bear needs to get married already and let ole Pappa Bear have his last years of meat and potatoes to himself. He still has one more bear cub to compete with at the supper table, too. I have to hide food so Pappa Bear doesn't have to lose his shit over not getting second helpings! Dinner time is a delicate balance!!!!!