Thursday, May 9, 2013

Friday Flash Fiction 55 - Oh, Nurse! One Manhattan!

"There's an article online that claims consuming  four alcoholic beverages per week has health benefits", he stated.
"Oh?" She remarked.
"So I thought a Manhattan would hit the spot tonight."
She pulled the Lego Club magazine out of his hand and whacked his head.
"WHAT?! Think of the benefits by the time I'm fifteen! DANG!"

SO FINALLY, I get a chance to write out a 55 again. This one is inspired by my fourteen year old son making a statement about the health benefits of consuming up to four alcoholic beverages a week. 
Glad to be back. Thanks to The G-Man for being so vociferous (thank you, Juana en Tejas) about my job getting in the way of 55 offerings. 
XOXO, m'dear!