Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Is A Time...

....For EVERYBUNNY to be a bunny!
Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing featured her Min Pin, Rosie, decked out in a white bunny costume, all custom-sewn just for her!

Check out Gertie's blog and OOOh and AAAAh over Mz. Rosie the Rabbit!

As for me and my house...well, Joshua, my 13 year old son, is going to his first concert with Mr. Bubbles (dad). They are going to see The Sword.  I can't tell you much about the band, but only because I don't speak that dialect of nerd. My 19 year old, Steven, was worried about me being home all alone on Halloween, so he called in from his job at Coca Cola. I don't know what he was worried about. I have my Smith & Wesson .40 at hand and two full magazines with hollow points, ready and set to go in case meth heads, zombies, princesses, ninjas, or superheros all cracked up on pixie stix and chocolate, try to break down my door. I prefer zombies, if you must know.
I am going to watch scary ass movies and make some candy coated popcorn! Steven and his friend, Dirt (David), are going to sit on the porch and pass out candy to the costumed horde of tiny neighborhood devils.
You bunny ghouls and zombie rabbits stay safe and warm, now!
I offer some sage, wise advice from Furbeast, a regular commenter on Disapproving Rabbits.

"Never accept or nip 

an unwrapped hoomin!" 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Speaking of RABBIT HABBIT!

THIS is Bunny Devotion!
And it works very well, coincidentally, with THIS story about The Rabbit On The Moon. Precious.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Being Mean to the Cat....

So I posted a video this morning all about the bunnies and our routine, a little about their personalities, etc.
Spider, the cat, kept getting in on it and I yelled at him a few times. Well, my son asked why I was being so mean to the cat in a very disgusted voice. After watching the video again, yes, I was being a bit of a bitch to him.  So I will shoot another video in the morning and post it. AND I will try to be nice to the cat. No "Brooming" him or yelling at him or calling him names. YES, I was being a bitch. It happens.
For the record, I adore that silly cat.  

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Rabbit Habit - A Weekly Interview

I was emailing back and forth a bit with another bunny parent and suddenly .  
There are so many great stories, information, etc out in the Rabbit Cosmos that so few of us Bunny Addicts get to know about. Why? Well because these folks do not blog. Some people just don't "put it all out there" like we do. Ok, like I do, anyway. I put it ALL out there on my blogs, on other blogs...I am, as one fellow Rabbit Slave put it, VOCIFEROUS about anything and everything LAGOMORPH.
So every week I will have a new interview with a non-blogging Rabbit Nut with a severe Rabbit Habit.

****Rabbit Habit  is now officially, UNofficially a *trademark phrase* of Voices For Rabbits Blog, and no one may use it without permission. If you do, I will make you

None of us Blunt Skulls wants to Narfle the Garthok, now do we?****

Ugh. Ok fine, you can use it...I am fresh out of Garthok,  anyway. 

Stay tuned Bunny Junkies. I have a great interview lined up with LIZ, mother and slave to Lily the Flemmie and her diminutive husBun, Cinder the Lionhead!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hell Yeah! I Found My Camera!!!

Woo hoo and whoopteedoo! I found my camera in a pile of craft stuff that I was hoarding. I had to rifle through it to find a wreath for my autumn front porch decoration.
And without further ado...heeeeerrrreeeeessss MINNIE RABBIT!!!!
Minnie, my lop eared beauty with Fatty Boy the Jersey Woolly. His wool is growing back, thank you, Jesus!

There's Mean Girl the Lionhead Princess RabBitch. I saw that word on Etherbun and thought, Hmm, yes, that fits my evil girl Meany. See how big Minnie is compared to the other two? 

My husband and son call her Fatty Boom Boom. That is her "stripper" name. Girls get stripper names, boys get porn star names. My guys are a little retarded. 

The Great Escape Crinkle Tunnel! They LOVE this damned tunnel. I have it stuffed into one of their critter carriers. I keep both carriers in their pen with the doors removed so that if they need to stay at the vet, they have the comfort of their carriers without being afraid because the carriers are unfamiliar. They love them! 

And last but not least, my wonky eyed girl baby, my schweetee, my love, my schweet heart, Bug!

She's a daddy's girl. She normally sleeps right against him buried in the covers, but I caught her laying on top of the blankets this time. 

Bug and Spider fighting in the bathroom. 

And no group of photos would be complete without Simon. Look at that sweet old face. 

There is Simon with his boy, my son, Joshua, age 13 going on 30.  They are attached at the brain. 

That's what I got for now. Come back and see us!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food-Review

Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food-Review

******Hey, forgot to mention real quick that if anyone in the Oklahoma City area wants to go halvzies on these, let me know and we can save on shipping! Just email me. Also, if you are wanting to try this food, you can get a free sample from their website. Just click on the title above. *******

I ordered the Maintenance and Show Rabbits blend. Please tell me why it took this long for someone to come up with this blend of food for rabbits? Dude, do rabbits come by soy, corn, and sugar cane fields in the wild? Is that why so much molasses and corn and soy are used in commercial foods? I am still giving them grass, timothy and oat hay, as much as they want. But I am keeping their bowls full of these pellets and they can eat as much or as little as they wish. I would definitely NOT do that with other brands of pellets, including Oxbow, which I believe is the tippy top of rabbit nutrition  in the commercial feed world.

compare pet rabbit food

I bought a bag and had a free sample with it. I know it is good for them because they do not like this food the way they like other pellets. They will eat it because I will not feed them anymore of the store bought pellets they are used to. I think they just miss the sweeter, junk food version of pellets with the molasses and all the corn bi-products. McDonalds vs. organic, whole, home-cooked food. Their coats are about the same, but they always had nice shiny fluffy coats. The ammonia urine smell is gone gone gone. GONE.
Also, their fresh pooped fecals do not smell anymore.  Before, the fresh fecals had a weird onion burger/oxidated oniony  kind of odor. Now, nothing. No odor at all. And they seem to be pooping a lot more (A WHOLE LOT MORE) even though they are eating less of the pellets.
Now don't think my babies are suffering. They get treats ALL the time.  I buy the organic freeze dried fruit at the healthfood store, they get raw shelled pumpkin seeds, oats, craisins...and they still get their spring mix/herb mix salads once a day.
I am very happy with this food and will not be purchasing anything else but Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit pellets in the future.
The only issue I have is that the shipping cost doubles the price of the food.  But you have to do what you have to do to keep the babies healthy.
Hey, and check out their blog! Very cute and entertaining.