Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Is A Time...

....For EVERYBUNNY to be a bunny!
Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing featured her Min Pin, Rosie, decked out in a white bunny costume, all custom-sewn just for her!

Check out Gertie's blog and OOOh and AAAAh over Mz. Rosie the Rabbit!

As for me and my house...well, Joshua, my 13 year old son, is going to his first concert with Mr. Bubbles (dad). They are going to see The Sword.  I can't tell you much about the band, but only because I don't speak that dialect of nerd. My 19 year old, Steven, was worried about me being home all alone on Halloween, so he called in from his job at Coca Cola. I don't know what he was worried about. I have my Smith & Wesson .40 at hand and two full magazines with hollow points, ready and set to go in case meth heads, zombies, princesses, ninjas, or superheros all cracked up on pixie stix and chocolate, try to break down my door. I prefer zombies, if you must know.
I am going to watch scary ass movies and make some candy coated popcorn! Steven and his friend, Dirt (David), are going to sit on the porch and pass out candy to the costumed horde of tiny neighborhood devils.
You bunny ghouls and zombie rabbits stay safe and warm, now!
I offer some sage, wise advice from Furbeast, a regular commenter on Disapproving Rabbits.

"Never accept or nip 

an unwrapped hoomin!" 


  1. she looks a little embarrassed,but cute!

    1. I feel that Halloween is the one time of year we fur-parents can disregard the dignity of animals and put them in cute costumes. It IS only fair...

    2. and did you put your's in costumes too?hehe

    3. NOPE! I don't like getting scratched and bit! lol