Friday Flash Fiction 55's

Friday Flash Fiction 55 - A whole story told in exactly 55 words, usually fiction, and played on Fridays!
Visit the G-Man at his blog on Fridays ( Blogger "days" begin at 1900 hours on Thursday nights!! ) to participate. Just post in the comments that your are playing, and post a link back to your blog, with the exact link to your 55 post. And definitely check out the other FFF55's that are posted in the comments. We are talking some seriously talented writers, here! It is NOT easy to write a complete  comprehensible story in ONLY 55 words! RESPECT, MON!

My FFF 55's:


  1. Brandi, in a dream last night I told a woman in a library all about Friday Flash Fiction 55. I could not believe it, but that is what we had been chatting about. She promised to check it out. I would have thought it a bit early for this to have entered my dream life, but there it was. You are really, really good at this.

    1. Dreams are so strange. I had a dream the other night I was caught in the crossfire between white supremacist survivalists and the police. Weird...
      Thanks for the compliment, Tia Juana!