Auntie Jane's Prayer To The Mother of God For Sick Bunnies

Dear To Christ: 
Please leave the name of your baby, whether they be bunny, ferret, dog, cat, bird, hedgehog, warthog, or just a pet that acts like a hog, and those of us who pray for beloved floofy companions will add them to our daily prayers. God is love. If we, as imperfect creatures, can love a perfect creature like a bunny, then God, Who is Love, loves those sweet little critters so much more than we can. He will send His angels to defend, send His Holy Spirit to heal, and give His Grace for them to thrive. 

The first tribute to our Newly Incarnate God was by His most innocent of creation, the animals that were stabled where He was born.  Fitting, since He is The Lamb of God. Isn't this icon just GORGEOUS?

Hail Mary full of grace. Blessed art Thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

 Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners and for those who do not sin, especially (name of bunny) and all bunnies, now, in the hour of their need, and at the hour of their death. 

Queen of Angels, come to ____________ aid. 

Queen of heaven and earth, come to ___________ aid. 

Oh, thou to whom the Angel Gabriel brought the glorious and holy glad tidings, intercede for ____________. 

Spouse of the Holy Spirit, intercede for _________. 

Mother, given to us all at the foot of the cross, intercede for ____________. 

As we meditate on the sacred and imperishable proclamation of eternal salvation given by our Lord Jesus Christ, we ask also of Him His unfailing mercy and blessing on ____________ and all the livingness of this world. 

Love is the glory of God and let his favor rest on the loving heart of (name of bunny parent caring for the sick) now as she/he/they nurse(s) ____________ and always. 


St. Melangell of Whales


  1. Bridge and Mum, Neroli, Whisky, Rocket, Google, Nyla Blue and mum, Brian and Friends

  2. Maggie (dear Pootie! 16 year old corgi) and her mom Stacy...Topaz, an ancient and very sweet barn cat...Fame (border collie in Sweden), for her full recovery from a very serious bout of pneumonia last autumn....Tallulah and her dad, my friend Andrew, who will both be okay but are recovering from being hit by a car...

    I, too, believe that animals are very near to the heart of God. Psalm 104 is my favorite.