Thursday, June 6, 2013

Friday Flash Fiction 55 - Red State Problems: Bullets in the Laundry

She tossed something onto the bed.
"Will you please check your pockets before you do laundry. I'm tired of finding shotgun shells in the washer."
"Damn. These're wet. You know how expensive ammo is these days?"
"Not as expensive as a new washing machine will be!"
"Does dad got any shells?"
"His got washed, too."

As always, thanks to the ass-kicking-est host from Blue State East Coast to Blue State West Coast, and all the Gun Totin'est, God fearin'est, Pinko-Commie hatin'est, Old Glory Wavin'est, Heartland of America Red States in between....G-MAN!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Chili Peppers For Bunnies

Howdy All!
We survived Mother Nature's nonprejudicial attempt to wipe central Oklahoma off the map.
So onward we continue with sweet precious life...

Let's talk peppers. My bunnehs will not eat a green bell pepper unless there is nothing else fresh to nom. They like the orange, red, and yellow bell peppers just fine. AH, but those are super sweet and juicy. Of COURSE they love them.
What came as a shock is their love of chili peppers. As you may know, not all chili peppers are hot.  Take banana, poblano,  and anaheim peppers. Just a hint of heat, and a lot of flavor and sweet.  Bunnies love heat. I have known my Meany Girl to lick Tabasco sauce and snatch her some flaming hot Cheetos. Mysillygirlshe'ssopreciousIlovehertoomuch!!!
So let your bunnies have a little heat treat. Cut a chili pepper into chunks and let them nom away. If they don't like the taste or the heat, they will not eat it. They know what they like. Try the big gorgeously green anaheim peppers first, then work their way up the capsaicin ladder. Like humans, heat on the palate can be addicting. Let their endorphins run rampant, too. Heat causes pain, causes release of endorphins.  It is a natural high, like runners get, which is why hot foods make us crave more hot foods, and eventually, even hotter foods!
I leave the seeds, they love to chew them.  They even eat the stems.
I bet you would be surprised at how much they enjoy the muy caliente!

MMMM, don't these look nomilicious!

Beautiful, mild anaheim peppers. 

Makes you want to grow a "salsa garden". Mmmm, plant several species of peppers, onion, garlic, several types of tomato, cilantro, and parsley....