Tuesday, December 31, 2013

BIG Plans To Do NOTHING!!!

New Year's Eve plans?

  1. Clean my bedroom
  2. Clean the kitchen
  3. Whittle away at Mount Dirty Laundry
  4. Continue reading God Emperor of Dune for the millionth time
  5. Fall asleep long before midnight

New Year's Day plans?

  1. Change the bed clothes in my room
  2. Clean the bunny pens
  3. Put away Christmas decorations
  4.  Continue whittling down Mt. Dirty Laundry
Be safe, my lovelies!!! See you all in 2014!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Alamo Bowl Bug

This is how Mr. Bubbles watched the Alamo Bowl. Bug has her Big Daddy well trained.  He doesn't even complain when she takes food right out of his hands. Or mouth. Or off his plate. Good boy, Mr. B!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Birthday BUG!!!!

My sweet, ornery, feisty baby girl chihuahua turns 2 years old today!!! She got lots of kisses and snuggles, beef jerky for breakfast, and her own McDonalds cheeseburger for supper! Her's my sweety! Her's my ANGEL! 

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

"Kids" With New Christmas Toy

DeeDee and Pickles are my parents' cats They were adopted this year from the animal shelter, and they love their new toy.  Clover Cockatoo is not as impressed with it, though.
And guess who made out like bandits this Christmas...THE BUNNIES!!! They got a huge box of assorted goodies from my dad. He almost got his finger bit off by his sister's bunny when he was a small child and has no reason to love rabbits. But he sure spoils mine at Christmas. He has never even met them! Ain't he just a Softy Santa Paws!  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas full of joy and peace and lots of yummy noms!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Crystal Glazed Solstice

 The world has been remade in crystal. At least in Oklahoma.


Our holly tree


You can almost hear the tinkling of glass

The neighbors hedges drooping over our driveway. 

Winter Minnie Boom Boom

Winter Myra Daffodil

Stay warm, people! And if I do not hear from you all before then, have a super merry Feast of the Nativity of Christ God!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friday Flash Fiction 55 - Village People Montage

Take Water...Make it boil in a pot
Then Add Butter...And salt it a lot
Sometimes Cocoa...Will hit the spot
And stir, stir, stir so there are no clumps!

Malto Malto Meal, yeah
I just want mom to make Malto Meal!
Malto Malto Meal
WHo doesn't  love hot Malto Meal!?

In the Morning?

Thanks to G-Man, The Fast-Breakin'est Host From Coast To Coast!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Snuggle Bug and Demon Cat

It is COLD outside today here in Oklahoma. Snow is falling and so is the temperature. Bug always finds a way to stay snuggly warm. When she demands to be picked up, you had better comply, and you had best wrap her in your clothes.

Joshua is wearing my robe.  My robe means Bug demands to be snuggled. And here is Spider, trying to fit his big butt on a small corner of towel so he does not have to feel the cold counter on his tootsies. Like the eyes? 

Simon loves the snow, even though he is getting very old and achy. But he is a lab, and you can't take the love of any kind of water out of his DNA. 
Spider tried to go outside until he caught the draft. And yet somehow the dummy thinks going to the back door instead will change the weather. When Mr. Bubbles won't let him out, Spider attacks Mr. B. OBVIOUSLY in a cat's convoluted reality, Mr. Bubbles is responsible for all the cold white stuff falling from the sky and ruining Spider's day. 
Cats are weird. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My First Bear - Updated with Face!

UPDATE: I embroidered her a set of eyes and sculpted her face a teeny bit while doing so. I also gave her a little pink bow....and a NAME. She is Osa Del Sol. Sun Bear, or Bear of the Sun. Her yellow chevrons look like sun rays, and she is wearing a Mexican-style peasant dress. She is my little Osasita Linda!

Mother and I are making Christmas bears. I have not made any yet, and the Christmas themed fabric I bought at Jo-Ann's is EXPENSIVE, even on Black Friday and being 60% off.  So before I cut into it, Mother suggested that I practice. I cannot find the pattern she is using in my copies, so I used a copy of Dreams Spinners 118 Three Bears pattern that I found at a thrift store many years ago.   Mother says her pattern is much more simple, so after tackling this pattern, I think I feel confident enough to slice and slash my way through that gorgeous Christmas fabric!

 I made the 24 inch bear in an ugly yellow and white chevron fabric that I received for free. This pattern had MANY pieces, but was easy to sew, although I think I messed up on the legs because the feet point inward and I definitely overstuffed her. But I put a little purple peasant dress on her, and the color goes smashing with that yellow.

I just need to give her some eyes and a bow.

The fun thing about these bears is that they can be made in any theme. I am going to have fun making Valentine bears!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Countdown!

My floofy nephew across the pond, Speedy, is having a Decoration Countdown to Christmas on his blog. So I sent him mum, Rachel, some pics of our tree. 

With lots of bunnies, of course.
The tree skirt it an old baby quilt of Steven's.

Christmas Baby Tweet Tweets! I love birds and bunnies. 

And I just LOVE these stuffed bunny dolls and their cute folksy clothes. I "rescue" them from thrift shops, clean them up, and sometimes change their clothes if need be. Then they get put in a place of prominence and are loved loved loved!

Sisal and raffia garland. There are also toys on the tree. Some are hand painted, and some are bought. Also, white poinsettias.

My folksy angel. Mr. Bubbles likes angels more than stars. I have been married to him over twenty years and this is the first he has ever mentioned his tree-topper of choice!

Have a wonderful Advent Season, Every Bunny!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Myra Loaf

My Beautiful Myra D. She has put on her winter coat and weight. Her original name is Myra Daffodil. But I never call her Myra. I call her My Beautiful Myra D. She is just GORGEOUS! Look at that dewlap! She is a joy to snuggle, and when I am depressed and crying, I hold her and she just closes her long-lashed, beautiful doe eyes and lets me cry into her neck. She is my very special girl.

And while I was taking her picture, Fatty Boyfriend got all nosey and was watching with a great deal of interest. 

Hims my Silleh Boy!! And just look at the snow coming down!

Pretty, big ole fat snowflakes. I love snow. My bunnies are snuggly warm with their boxes and hay. I got them some nice green leaf lettuce this morning and some timothy hay treats. Even Simon and Bug got bacon treats. And for us, well, I stocked up on soda pop and frozen pizza. You know, the essentials!

Stay warm, y'all!!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Battle Bug

Bug spending her morning with Mr. Bubbles, issuing Battlefield 4 commands, and demanding chin whisker scratches.

Mr. B is a good daddy.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pax Vobiscum! Blogging for Peace...

My wonderful floofy nephew, Speedy Rabbit, is blogging for peace today.

I offer you all the kiss of peace, and so does Bug and Spider...

And so does the Queen of My Heart!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Friday Flash Fiction 55 - The Alan Parsons Project

"Wow. What ancient crap are you listening to?"
"The Alan Parsons Project." I tell the boy.
"Like from Austin Powers?"
"No. Like from The Alan Parsons Project."
"Right. Austin Powers. Operation Wang Chung."
Enter No. 1 son, chortling. "Someone loves the 80's. What's for dinner?"
"Wiseass on a stick if you two don't shut up."

Dr. Evil: Anyways, the key to this plan is the giant laser. It was invented by the noted Cambridge physicist Dr. Parsons. Therefore, we shall call it the Alan Parsons Project.
Scott: Oh, my God.
Dr. Evil: What now?
Scott: The Alan Parsons Project is a progressive rock band in 1982. Why don’t you just name it ‘Operation Wang-Chung’? Ass.
Dr. Evil:  What should we. . .
Scott: Nothing. I’m sure ‘Operation Bananarama’ will be huge.
Dr. Evil:  What are you saying?
Scott: If you’re. . .
Dr. Evil:  Shh.
Scott:  . . .trying to be hip. . .
Dr. Evil:  www [dot] shh [dot] com . . . [dot] org.

Thanks to G-Man, for being the Rockin'est Host in The (FFF 55) Games People Play!

Speedy's Birfday Bash!

Today is my rabbity nephew, Speedy the Cheeky Buccaneer Bunny's, Birthday! He is a whopping two years young! Happy Birfday from all of us here in Oklahoma, you handsome pirate!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bug's New Cardigan

I made my sweet/ebil girl baby Bug a new cardigan for Autumn. It is a nice dark pumpkin pie orange with a turned yoke collar, an abalone shell button, and blanket stitching. Of course, it is a recycle from a sweater I won't wear anymore. She is my pretty pretty princess punkin' pie! She looks adorable, so naturally she hates it. That is HER problem, not mine. Hehehe. I love dressing her, but she is not always so happy to be dressed.