Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Countdown!

My floofy nephew across the pond, Speedy, is having a Decoration Countdown to Christmas on his blog. So I sent him mum, Rachel, some pics of our tree. 

With lots of bunnies, of course.
The tree skirt it an old baby quilt of Steven's.

Christmas Baby Tweet Tweets! I love birds and bunnies. 

And I just LOVE these stuffed bunny dolls and their cute folksy clothes. I "rescue" them from thrift shops, clean them up, and sometimes change their clothes if need be. Then they get put in a place of prominence and are loved loved loved!

Sisal and raffia garland. There are also toys on the tree. Some are hand painted, and some are bought. Also, white poinsettias.

My folksy angel. Mr. Bubbles likes angels more than stars. I have been married to him over twenty years and this is the first he has ever mentioned his tree-topper of choice!

Have a wonderful Advent Season, Every Bunny!!!


  1. It looks Awesome Brandi,we love it,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. HO HO HO .... Let's get the season going right!!!!!!!!!!!