Sunday, November 24, 2013

Myra Loaf

My Beautiful Myra D. She has put on her winter coat and weight. Her original name is Myra Daffodil. But I never call her Myra. I call her My Beautiful Myra D. She is just GORGEOUS! Look at that dewlap! She is a joy to snuggle, and when I am depressed and crying, I hold her and she just closes her long-lashed, beautiful doe eyes and lets me cry into her neck. She is my very special girl.

And while I was taking her picture, Fatty Boyfriend got all nosey and was watching with a great deal of interest. 

Hims my Silleh Boy!! And just look at the snow coming down!

Pretty, big ole fat snowflakes. I love snow. My bunnies are snuggly warm with their boxes and hay. I got them some nice green leaf lettuce this morning and some timothy hay treats. Even Simon and Bug got bacon treats. And for us, well, I stocked up on soda pop and frozen pizza. You know, the essentials!

Stay warm, y'all!!

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  1. Stay warm and Toasty Auntie Brandi,snuugles and kisses,xx Speedy