Monday, October 22, 2012

Hell Yeah! I Found My Camera!!!

Woo hoo and whoopteedoo! I found my camera in a pile of craft stuff that I was hoarding. I had to rifle through it to find a wreath for my autumn front porch decoration.
And without further ado...heeeeerrrreeeeessss MINNIE RABBIT!!!!
Minnie, my lop eared beauty with Fatty Boy the Jersey Woolly. His wool is growing back, thank you, Jesus!

There's Mean Girl the Lionhead Princess RabBitch. I saw that word on Etherbun and thought, Hmm, yes, that fits my evil girl Meany. See how big Minnie is compared to the other two? 

My husband and son call her Fatty Boom Boom. That is her "stripper" name. Girls get stripper names, boys get porn star names. My guys are a little retarded. 

The Great Escape Crinkle Tunnel! They LOVE this damned tunnel. I have it stuffed into one of their critter carriers. I keep both carriers in their pen with the doors removed so that if they need to stay at the vet, they have the comfort of their carriers without being afraid because the carriers are unfamiliar. They love them! 

And last but not least, my wonky eyed girl baby, my schweetee, my love, my schweet heart, Bug!

She's a daddy's girl. She normally sleeps right against him buried in the covers, but I caught her laying on top of the blankets this time. 

Bug and Spider fighting in the bathroom. 

And no group of photos would be complete without Simon. Look at that sweet old face. 

There is Simon with his boy, my son, Joshua, age 13 going on 30.  They are attached at the brain. 

That's what I got for now. Come back and see us!


  1. OMG sweet!Hi Brandi Speedy has something for you!xx Speedy and Rach

  2. AWWWW that picture of Bug sleeping is just precious!!!

    Minnie looks SO happy. So very happy! And she seems to love Mean Girl, does Mean Girl love her back? I love that look on Mean Girl's face in the second pic LOL!

    :) :) :) a boy and his dog *heart*

    1. Mean Girl loves Mean Girl. And Sometimes she loves her mate, Fatty Boy. She is a bit of a gumpkin. This morning I put out some freeze dried fruit for them and I guess I was in there too long and she kept thumping at me. What a little rabBitch. I love my little trio. Their personalities are so different.

  3. Is that the case with lionhead girls? Maddy is just plain...mad...all the freaking time! She very ever rarely binkys and idk if she hates me? Or hates to love me? Hahaha but that doesn't stop me from smooching her..which prob passes her off more...ehh?

  4. Is Mad Maddy spayed first of all?