Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shamelessly Using Minnie For Bait

So as you all know, I am trying to capture Mr. Hopson. Now I know for sure several things:

  1. He is lonely
  2. He is a HE
  3. He is the bunny equivalent of a douche bag.
  4. And....according to Joshua, Mr. Hopson is a "chubby chaser"
Hopson and I are getting into a groove. I call him, and he knows his name by now. I tried to entice him with some cocoa puffs and then he ran under the house and into my backyard where I watched him sniff at the bunny blankets I have hanging up to air. He also chinned anything that would hold still. I went inside, grabbed  by Beautiful Baby Boy Jersey Woolly, and started to pluck him. Hair was flying all around, and that got Hopson very interested.  He picked up clumps of hair, chased them, chinned them, ran up to Fatty Boy, and did some crazy crazy binkies! That is how I knew he was lonely. He wanted to play with my boy so much. There was no aggression, no fighting, no stand-offs. They just sniffed at each other and Hopson binkied all over the place. 
I put Fatty away because he was getting cold and the dogs barking outside were making him nervous. They do not go outside EVER. I grab my Minnie Girl lop and WHAMMO! Oh boy, Hopson was super interested then! And she reacted, too, because her butt was sticking up in the air and she is aggressive, but playing coy for Mr. H. Remember, she is not spayed. Yet. 
And she was so sweet with me, she was scared being outside, even though I was holding her. I would put her down, and she would scramble back into my arms, my sweet precious girl. OK, so I shamelessly used her as bait. What sealed the deal on knowing Mr. H was a boy was when ran circles around Minnie and I when I told him to say goodnight and he flicked urine on us!! Oh, and Joshua says Mr. H. is a chubby chaser because all the males in my house call her Fatty Boom Boom, Biggun, Thickness...etc.... MAYBE, MAYBEEEEEEEE, she is a bit on the chunky side. I just thought she was bigger than Fatty Boy and Meany Girl because they are dwarf breeds. But she is much bigger than Mr. Hopson, too. Much bigger. 
I ALMOST caught him several times while he was sidling up to Minnie. But he is quick. There is so much fluff outside, it looks like a wildlife crime scene. 
He also acted like he was not interested when Minnie was behind the screen in the laundry room. He just sat on his scrawny ass and groomed himself KNOWING she was watching him! Fine, he can act all nonchalant.  I promise you, like anything with a penis and a sex drive, he cannot resist my pretty Minnie Girl for long! Then I will have him! HHAHAHAHAHHA then he will be NEUTERED!!! And he will be much happier for it...
I'll keep ya posted!


  1. Brandi, I am so glad you didn't burn down your home, but you could have hurt yourself. I'm sorry about your pulled muscle. Please be gentle with it.

  2. what ever it takes to get him inside and safe Brandi,I approve,xx Rachel

  3. "wildlife crime scene" HAHAHA!

    Keep at it!