Sunday, July 22, 2012

Cecals- The Ewwy and Gooey

Howdy Rabid Rabbit Fans!

BEWARE THE GREENS!! My poor Fatty makes extra cecals when him and Meany Girl get greens.  A little green, a lot of green: makes no difference. He made a nice ewwy gooey pile of them this morning. I tried to feed it to him, but he just was not intrested.  The only thing I managed to do was schmear it all over the place.  Phew, I figured out what cecals smell like. They smell like very sour rotting vegetation.  Yes, I used my bare hands.  What did you say? That I am disgusting? UM, the ONLY opinion that matters here is that of RABBIT PEOPLE, so any NON-RP can eat die. Every RP has handled cecals, fecals, scent gland schmeg...and have been a better Rabbit Slave for the effort!
At Big Lots yesterday I found a three pack of  Gerber Fruit Puffs, the Strawberry Banana, Sweet Potato and Banana.  Yes, these snacks have sugar listed on the ingredients.  HOWEVER.....I know RP give their bunns craisins, which are LOADED with added sugar, and other naturally occurring, high fructose dried fruits.  So a I am not going to fuss over a few puffs with sugar.  It is a TREAT after all, and a treat SHOULD ALWAYS have crap in it that is bad for you, that is why it is an OCCASIONAL treat. 
I also got them some oat cereal with whole grain oats, barley, bulgar wheat and wheat germ to replace the plain whole oats I get in the big tube. 
I also recently found oat hay at Petsmart and they LOVE it. They only hay they ever ate was tim and orchard grass.
I need to order a few bales of tim from American Pet Diner, which, I have been told by sources in the "know", has better cuts of tim, with less "shake".

SO FINALLY, my "bunnay wunnay gear" is getting into an experimental stage.  I won't give out the specs, but this I will say:

Colored Sharpies
Metallic Sharpies
Black Fine Tip Sharpies
T-shirts of various colors, fabrics, sack cloths, canvas for totes
Isopropal Alcohol
Paint Brushes
Spray Bottles
Heat Press

Results to follow.  Happy Hoppy Sunday, Rabbit Folks

Brandi, Fatty, Meany Girl

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  1. Sounds like an interesting project in the making! Can't wait to see what you do with those supplies.