Friday, July 27, 2012

Indoor Plumbing for Meany Girl

Ok, so I got two pets sterilized Wednesday (see BugBugs blog) and I got one little girl to go. Meany Girl, our prim, proper, snobbish little lionhead princess that weighs all of two pounds soaking wet but has an attitude that has the weight and density of Dark Matter (and is just as dark and foreboding), still needs to get spayed.  I made an appointment, then missed it.  I wonder if I will be forgiven and they will allow me to bring her in for the surgery.  I want this vet to do it because she is recommended by Jeanie at Heartland Rabbit Rescue.  This vet does all her vet care, including and especially the sterilizations.  Obviously this vet has some wicked kick ass bunny skills.  Not all vets can say that.  Jeanie tries often to get some of the OSU vet students to come to the rescue and do check-ups on the rabbits.  They DO need to know what a healthy rabbit looks, smells, feels and acts like.  She also some very special, special needs and elderbunns that have uncommon diseases.  Have they come out yet? Nope.  You would think since Heartland is the ONLY rescue for rabbits in Oklahoma that they would be very willing and happy to come out for the experience.  This "attitude" is why rabbit vet care is so expensive.  We have to get rabbits out of the so-called "exotic" pet vet care and make them as common as dogs and cats.  This would lower the cost of vet care AND make more vets and techs more rabbit savvy.  Rabbits are not exotic. Vets are just not interested.  Rabbits are also NOT pocket pets, for the love of mercy!!! I hate that term.  I wish they were pocket pets then people would not leave them outside in hutches!

Maybe I can talk to the Humane Society and ask them if they could offer a spay/neuter clinic for rabbits maybe once a month or so. 

Come on, Humane Society of Oklahoma! Equal dignity and treatment for all animals!!!
Seriously, the Humane Society spay and neuter clinic here did a WONDERFUL job with my Bug and Spider.  They are great people!

Meany Girl is only a year old, but I definitely want her spayed before summer ends. Fatty was neutered shortly after he started humping and scent marking EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in the house, at about 4 months old. He was in lust with the world.

Forgot to mention:

I am -this- close to being a fully responsible pet owner...once I get Meany Girl spayed.  I have been wanting and wanting and WANTING a Dutch Rabbit.  Or a lop. Or a giant. Or....just another bunny, really. I want to foster if I can. However, until I get my own house and pets in order, I cannot responsibly and with good conscience do anything for anybunny.  So working on being all the pet mother I can be.  Maybe Jeanie will let me adopt one of the rescue bunns!!!!!! maybe.



  1. Hi brandi. I agree with you 100%. I live in New Zealand. Rabbits are sold in every pet store here and the cages they sell with them are no better than battery hen cages. It makes me want to weep. I recently moved to Auckland, largest city in NZ with a population of over 2 million. I needed a vet for my bunny. Had to travel an hour to an exotic specialist. One vet clinic in the whole of the north island that has experience and knowledge in rabbits. They are no more than disposable pets here. The lovely (Aussie) vet told me they rabbits over a couple of days in vet training and how he was trying to educate them and the public. It's just so very sad. He loved rabbits and recognised what amazing little creatures they are. Full of attitude and personality.

    1. I have been thinking about this issue all day as a matter of fact. I need to just start being a bigger pain in the ass than I normally am and bugging the Humane Society here to 1. aknowledge that rabbits are a popular pet 2. that as such, more options should be available to pet owners and 3. get them to staff a rabbit savvy vet for sterilizations at their satellite clinics at LEAST once a month! Thanks for following my blog. You shocked me!!! lol

    2. I'm a long time follower of Disapproving Rabbits brandi, and the mum to two of the biggest disapprovers in the bunny world! It's always good to read about people who think the same way as me about animals.