Monday, August 13, 2012

Gerber Rabbits

I recently discovered that Gerber Graduates Puffs are great little treats for bunnies and come in a variety of flavors.  I wanted to let Gerber know how much my rabbits loved their products. I also give my bunnies baby food treats, especially if I think they are feeling icky sicky. Here is the follow-up email from Gerber:

Hi Brandi,
Thank you for your e-mail.
We were glad to learn of your rabbits' satisfaction with Gerber® Graduates® Puffs. Although our foods are specially prepared for infants and small children, you would be amazed at the uses people find for them! They seem to be especially appropriate for cats and dogs, but we have also heard from people who have used them for feeding birds, squirrels, fish, zoo animals and even pet rabbits. We feel this is a great compliment to our products and their quality.
The selection of products we offer is determined in large part by the preferences of our consumers. Your comments suggesting a larger variety of Graduates® Puffs are appreciated and will be forwarded to the appropriate personnel here at Gerber.
Best wishes from your friends @

Aren't they cool? I trust Gerber because I used their products when my biological babies were babies and I trust the regulatory factors that go into making baby food, whereas I am not all that sure the same consideration is given to pet food manufacturers. 

I suggested to Gerber that they offer pumpkin puree and pumpkin flavored puffs, as well as some veggie flavored puffs. 

Goofy of me, I know. LOL. I just LOVE muh Bunnehs!!!!!

Nose Bumps!
Brandi, Fatty and Meany Girl


  1. well if its good enough for human babies then its good enough for bunny babies,any how now we can follow you too yay!

  2. Thanks for folling Rach and Speedy!!! Nose bumps!!!