Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Sad Morning

A couple of months ago I was driving along and suddenly saw two baby white rabbits in a yard on a very very busy road. I thought they were just random stray bunnies. Turns out, they "belonged" to the woman who owned the property.  These were not hutch rabbits.  They lived out in the open, in her yard, under a trailer.  She fed them pellets and carrots.  I begged her to let me take them and told her I volunteered for the House Rabbit Society. Of course I lied.  I told her to let me take them and I would find homes for them and they would be treated like royalty living indoors and safe. She was hearing none of it.
These rabbits were the offspring of other rabbits that had been "dumped" (so it was told to me) at Eastertime the year before.  All the babies and parents had died either by getting run over or predation by local cats and dogs.  
When it was clear that I could not remove the rabbits without her losing her mind or shooting me (it IS Oklahoma and she could have shot me and been justified, as I was on her property), I just let it go. I begged her to at least get them sterilized. 
A few weeks later, I drove by again.  There was a large brown rabbit humping on one of the white rabbits.  But I don't know if she kindled.  It has been super hot this summer and I drive by that house several times a week and have not seen signs of more rabbits. 
This morning, very early, I was going to Wal Mart to get a few things.  It must have been about four this morning.  I drove by, since rabbits are active that time of day.  I saw a white splotch in the road in front of the property.  As I drove closer, I could tell it was a white rabbit.  She had JUST been hit by a car, she was laid out across the road like she was resting.  Of course I knew she was dead.  I almost stopped to lay her on the yard and get her out of the road. I am glad I did not.  If she was still alive, I would have lost my mind.  I had to keep myself from driving by there again. I also told myself to stay out of that woman's business.  I warned her, and she knew the risk of the road. Yet she said she loved the rabbits and they brought her joy.
I can't even say "I told you so".  I am too sad. 
I got my babies safe in the house, in the cool air, big roomy pens, lots of hay and they have each other to love on and me to slave over them.  All I can do is for my own.

Minnie Rabbit update:
The fur on her ears is growing back. I guess she lost the fur when it was so hot, since rabbits vent heat through their ears.  She is a sweet girl and I think the cat is in love with her because he always go into her pen even though she abuses him and humps him and pins him to the floor while she attacks him.  Stupid cat.


  1. its good to hear that Minnie is doing well,as for the sad news well you can't help when people are stupid.She could at least put a fence around her property to keep them safe if nothing else,but as I said some people stupid ,no brain at all.You love your bunnies and do the best for them.xo Speedy and rach

  2. I just bought them a whole bale of grass hay. It's soft and tender. IT IS HUGE. lol, the guy looked at my little Ford Focus hatchback and looked at me a little crazy when I told him to just stuff it in the back seat! Girl, I got hay EVERYWHERE. AND I have no idea where to put it all. But I got two litter boxes to change out and all three eat hay like horses. lol. The whole bale was ten dollars and the store had bermuda grass hay, too for the same price. Might go back and a bale of that, too.
    lol, my parents are crazy bird people who dont know I see in bunnies and I am a crazy bunny person who does not see what they see in birds. lol

    1. the things we do for our buns in trying to provide for them,you love bunnies and your parents love birds nothing crazy about that...nope no crazies here none whats so ever... well thats what I tell my self and I'm sticking to it..hehe

  3. Sad story about the white bun brandi. Just heartbreaking to see something like that happen when you tried your hardest to prevent it. I visited a pet shop a while ago. Their rabbits were in glass fish tank type display units. There was a poor fully grown female bun in one. While I looked at her she tried to binky in her confined space. It made me want to cry. I think about her an awful lot but have no space for another bun myself. I know if I went in there I would have to buy her. It's a dilemma. I just hope she has gone to a loving home.

  4. Poor bunny. I can't believe what idiots people are! At least you did try.

    At least yours are well and loved! :)

  5. Oh ugh - I always have to visit the bunnies in pet stores, it's so hard! I pat them, then have to wash my hands because when I get home the smell drives my buns crazy lol!