Sunday, September 9, 2012

Breakfast Buddies

I am paying a lot of attention to what I have been feeding my warren of wunnehs.  I bought some raw, unsalted, unshelled pumpkin seeds at the health food store. The seeds are raw and were refrigerated at the store, so I have them in freezer. They are supposed to be good for breaking down o neutralizing calcium, which can cause urine sludge and kidney stones.  I also got them dehydrated granny smith apples and a bottle of 100% papaya pulp.  I looked for dried papaya, but all they had was the tropical mix...blahblahblah. Papaya is supposed to help with digestion and gut motility.  I plan on drizzling a glob of it on their pellets once a week. Last night, I could not sleep as I was menu planning for the wunnehs.


Morning: Oats, pumpkin seeds, a bite of dehydrated apple and fresh timothy hay sprinkled with dried mint and chamomile (celestial seasonings herbal tea, one tea bag emptied in the hay, you can also go the Mediterranean or middle eastern food stores and buy huge bags of dried mint)
Evening: Pellets (1/4 cup each) a bit of fresh veg or greens as available

Mondays:  Two craisins each
Tuesdays:  Two raisins each
Wednesday: A light pinch of coconut
Thursday: Canned pumpkin puree', one tablespoon each
Friday: One container of Gerber baby food, assorted flavors
Saturday: Gerber Graduates Puff treats, three or four each
Sunday: Papaya drizzle

I am also going to try and harvest some more clover, purslane, dandelion and fresh grasses for them as the weather cools and the outside produce does not fry to a crisp. I would like to get a nice big harvest in and dry it for the winter months. 
Honestly, I would rather harvest what they would eat naturally if they were wild bunnies, and store bought veg and greens would hardly ever be on Mother Nature's menu for them unless they got lucky and scored on someones garden. Store veg and greens are always getting recalled. 

They also got a new water bottle. Their water crock was CONSTANTLY needing to be cleaned and with Minnie's lop ears and her dewlap, I wanted to be sure nothing would dingle dangle in their water.

This morning, I did give them some Gerber baby food squash.  Only fatty ate it and the darn cat.  He at MOST of it and some of their oats. He is a strange strange weirdo kitteh.

Pictures would be kick ass, but I still cannot find my camera.

Nose bumps!
Brandi, Fatty, Mean Girl, Minnie and Company


  1. nothing but the best for your babies

  2. Cool, I'd love to see pictures of your buns and all that food!