Thursday, September 13, 2012

Punkin' PLOPsicles

Ah, the weather has cooled down...just in time for the state fair. Or does the state fair cause the weather change? Let's leave it a mystery, shall we. Now if only I could get Bug to stop that infernal yapping at all the open windows!!

First I want to say farewell to the coolest angora bunny that ever graced the bloggosphere. Weasley Rabbit of Rabbits Eat Quilts blog has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He looked like a cranky ole thing, but I know he was sweet and beautiful and loved by all of us who followed his adventures.  Binky Free, Weasley, The Old Bunn And The Sea! Memory Eternal, Old Pirate!!

This morning I opened a can of pumpkin puree for the wunnehs. I used a small scoop and plopped servings on cardboard. I totally keep cardboard for this purpose. Anything goopy for the bunns gets put on cardboard. I don't have a mess to clean and they can do what they want with the cardboard.  I froze the rest of the pumpkin and cut it up into blocks.  When it's time for another pumpkin treat, just let it thaw! Who ate MOST of the pumpkin? SPIDER the cat! He LOVES eating rabbit food including hay.  Strange strange kitteh.

I wish I could find my camera. The other morning I came home from a job site and my house was an episode of Wild Kingdom! There were rabbits hopping all over, chasing the cat, the dogs chasing bunnies...CHAOS!! I had to herd the rabbits back into their pen. Have you ever tried herding rabbits? You get one going where you want it to go, then the others break loose. Then I have the dogs and the cat being of NO HELP whatsoever. I finally got Fatty and Minnie corralled but Mean Girl wasn't having it.  I had to shake a treat container at her and then I snatched her up! LOL. Treats'll do it every time!


  1. Ah Weasley,such a lovely old man and pirate!we shall miss him lots*a little sniff*
    Bunns just love to give us the run around don't they?hehehe Speedy does it to the hubby, he doesn't do it to me but then I can't be bothered to chase after Speedy he's too fast any way.But with your zoo I can see the fun and games...hehehe

  2. Brandi, you are so sweet. Thank you for the shout out for Weasley. It cheered me up to picture that chaotic scene at your house!

  3. oh wow, pumpkin for buns? I think I had a pumpkin that our old buns chewed on, it was up on a table as a jack-o-lantern and someone jumped up there and chewed it lol. Both our rabbits now are sooooo sensitive to sugar, I can't give them any fruit at all - I wonder if pumpkin would be ok. Do yours get raw pumpkin or is it cooked?

    1. It is the raw pureed pumpkin in a can. Not the pie mix in a can. It's not cooked but I believe it is pasteurized. Pumpkin is the miracle gourd for rabbits in all forms.