Saturday, April 13, 2013

What Makes A Happy Warren?

Since the arrival of Myra D., I have been letting ALL the bunnies run about. They seem to have decided that my bedroom is their Home Base and the BIG DEN of the warren. Myra and Minnie are actually sitting across from each other at meal times without Minnie trying to kill Myra. They give chase a little, and Minn chins everything, including the peanut I offered her...weird...
But for the most part, I have a lively, and a bit dootie, warren. I tried putting the other three back in the pen the other night, and I swear I could feel their depression like a chill. I do not care if I have to sweep up their stray doots and have weird wire/cable arrangements all over my room. If they want to be free roam bunnies, I just do not have the heart to put them back in the pen.  I will leave it up for emergencies. Now I have to take the food and litter area that Myra has in my room, that ALL the bunnies are using now, and get them to hop their happy butts to the kitchen to the pen to eat, drink, and use the potty.
I am just amazed and how all four became a real warren in such a short time. They all play with Spider and Bug, they jump on our bed to be obnoxious, and when they hear a plastic bag or a wrapper, they go do the Bunny Blitz and if we don't throw treats on the floor for them, they will LITERALLY climb all over us and shove their heads into bags, bowls, and cups.  They are awful. Awfully damned cute. Awfully damned obnoxious. Awfully damned happy.
Watching them be a warren and binky like crazy makes me so happy.
What makes a happy warren? A happy home.
Oh, and giving the bunnies anything they want. That will do it, too.
Rabbits Rule.


  1. Hehehe only in your house Brandi only in your house you are a bunny angel,you must have been a bunny in a former life!xx Rachel

  2. "Became a real warren" = have taken over. Sounds like heaven!

  3. I think it's Heaven, but Mr. Bubbles is bitching about the stray doots. He also says our room smells like a barn.
    I promised that I would have our room cleaned up before he got home today...ugh...

  4. "They are awful. Awfully damned cute. Awfully damned obnoxious. Awfully damned happy."

    Sounds like MY bunnies :)