Sunday, January 20, 2013

Call Out For Help for Bunny In West Virginia

The following is an email received from a post on EtherBun. If anyone can help, email

I did email them about Special Bunny's Cinderella Fund, 
but they might need more 
help than Special Bunny can help with. 
I am sure they have a paypal account or some 
way to get donations via the internet. 
I have also send an email to them asking if they have any way
for donations to be made online. I will certainly update 
this post as information comes in. Personally, I would like
nothing more than to have five quick minutes with the dirtbag
who let this happen to bunny. I bet I could make that five
minutes seem like the longest of their lives. But I can't and
all we can do is what we can do. Let's just get this baby
some help and get him out of his pain!

Hello all,

I am the Secretary of the Southern WV Animal League. Our organization has been approached about possibly taking in an injured rabbit. He is a domestic who was apparently abandoned via roadside and has a hobbled rear leg (Possibly from being clipped by a vehicle or tossed out?) and a fracture between his front incisors. He is able to get around w/ a hobble and he can nibble kale and eat carrot baby food.

We are in the process of getting an intake approved, however as a rescue that generally deals with dogs and cats, bunnies are relatively new territory for us. We currently have bunnies in foster, but none that require medical assistance of this nature. We are a small organization in an economically disadvantaged area relying solely on a network of foster homes and funding is limited. Are there any type of organizations that sponsor rabbits who need urgent vetting? The only one I know of that offers small animal financial assistance is for individual pet owners only.

Any information would be greatly appreciated. If I have posted this in the wrong forum or if there is already a thread covering this topic, I do apologize. I am new here and still learning.

Thank you,

SWVAL Secretary

Thanks for listening, and if any of you help, GOD BLESS YOU. Please join me today in praying for this rabbit and the caregivers at SWVAL!!!!

St.s Melangel and Francis, Holy Unmercenary Physicians and Martyrs, And Most Holy Mother of God, though you know me to be a sinner, though my prayers cannot possibly account for much, I ask you to remember this little rabbit. He has been abandoned and hurt badly, He is in pain and misery.  Ask Christ our God to heal him, to grant the funds for his care and treatment, and ultimately, to find him a home where he will loved and cared for all the days of his life. All of you, holy saints, who have the ear of Christ, please, help this tiny innocent creature crafted by HIs very own hands. What is insignificant to the world is precious to Him, and to us who love these beautiful little creatures. Help him, please, and also remember the good work by his rescuers and patrons, and all who care for God's little creations. 
In the name of Christ, in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, we ask you, and we commit our lives and one another unto Christ our God, Amen. 


  1. Amen to that I'll see about doing a post,xxRachel

  2. Brandi we have posted the email on Speedy's blog hope it helps,xx Rachel and Speedy

  3. Muchas gracias, ladies, I love you so much! Funny how an internet friendship can be far more viable than ones in "real" life!!!!

  4. Praying with you...
    Please let us know if they respond with a paypal account!

  5. Hey, Brandi, just because we live south of the Red River doesn't make us unreal. It is the Red River for Heaven's sake not the Styx. We are real but we use the Internet. On the subject of real, bunnies are real too, each one precious and unique and wondering what on earth is this place? It doesn't seem quite right? Help! Give a bunny a chance. Give yourself a chance. Be important to something that is alive - the only kind of real. Go to experienced rescue groups and get their help and adopt. If occasionally one of them seems impatient or brusque, understand that the are working really hard, but love a bunny! Help it out of it's cage. Pet it, hold it, feel it's beating heart. It will bring you back to life. Okay, Brandi, thanks for letting me say that. I guess Texans are a little unreal, but I just wished everyone had hugged and petted and let a bunny play like I did last night at our shelter. We have over 250 waiting for your love, your help. Brandi, your prayer is very beautiful. Keep prayers for bunnies, for all the livingness of this world coming.

    1. I think I pushed a Janie Button, there! You say whatever it is you want to say, Juana, anytime!

    2. Thanks, Brandi. I've tried to construct some kind of recessed covering for them. It hasn't worked too well. Thanks again, Juana

  6. I just thought you would Like to know that the bunny is going to be ok as I have been in touch with the secretary of the rescue and would you believe that her name is Brandi too?! any how I'm going to do a feature on this rescue and I could do with some ideas for some questions to ask.Oh and Jane what do you think about me doing one one your rescue where you help out?Let me know ladies.xx Rachel
    P.s The rescue have a paypal donation button on there web site which I have put on my post when I updated it,xx Rachel

    1. Oh, thank GOD! She never responded to my email, so I was unsure.

  7. I have two rabbits at home (male+female) and I want them to have babies so that I could then sell them to people. My female rabbit doesn't like people at all, she seems so wild and I think that she would really take care of her own babies as she is very friendly towards other rabbits. My male rabbit is friendly towards other rabbits and people as well. Would it be appropriate to breed my two rabbits and then sell the little ones, just for my female rabbits own good

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    1. Alice, you should have your rabbits desexed and not breed them at all. Animal shelters and rescues are inundated with so many unwanted, abandoned, abused, and neglected rabbits that the rabbits you will breed will only end up increasing that number. Animals should never be bred and sold for profit. It is cruel and mercenary. Please reconsider this and at least have your male neutered if not having both neutered and spayed.
      Your female rabbit will calm down and be less aggressive and possibly more friendly when you get her spayed. The reason she is so unfriendly towards people is because her hormones are in overdrive. She wants to nest, mate, and have babies and that makes female rabbits a little crazy.
      You can take care of a lot of marking and behavioral issues by getting them fixed. Please separate them until you do. Remember that after the male gets neutered, his hormones need to balance out before you can put them back together.
      Also, the ovarian/uterine cancer rate in female domestic rabbits is extremely high, and you can reduce that risk by almost 100% if you get your female spayed.
      You can contact your local rabbit rescue for information on care and where the best place is to get them fixed.