Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Old Man

About four years ago, my good friend Maria died after having a heart attack during dialysis. Her children asked if I would like to adopt her black lab, Simon. Of course I said yes. He is officially Joshua's dog, and they are attached at the brain. Josh made me buy him a bigger bed (from twin to queen) so they could both fit on it comfortably. He had no grey hairs on his muzzle when he came to live with us, but he is getting more and more white hairs by the day. Today the cold was really getting to him. I hate seeing him move slower and slower.  He is still playful and will chase after Spider (our cat) and steal toys from Bug (our baby girl chihuahua) and heaven help the SOB who walks up to Josh and tries to play fight him. But the old man is slowing down and it makes me sad.
My two boys, who normally ignore each other, held each other and cried when we had to put Cochino, our old chow mix, down last summer. He was about thirteen years old and incontinent, deaf, blind and in typical chow fashion, getting mean as hell with every passing day. Simon passing will be devastating for Joshua after losing Chino, who had been with us since Josh was a baby.
Simon has been the best dog we ever had. He is protective, sweet, smart, devoted. I should not mourn him yet, though. I just wanted to tell the world that he is a wonderful companion. I cannot say enough about Labrador Retrievers.  You will never go wrong adopting one and making them a part of your family.


  1. They are the best. Saul, R.I.P. or rather rock it. I know where good dogs go.

  2. it happens to us all we get older and bit slower with each passing day but don't be sad you and your family have given Simon a great home so enjoy him and my give him some extra TLC while he is still around!Simon would probably be telling you what the hell are you on about lady!I aint gone yet!heheehee xxRachel

  3. So hard to watch it happen, isn't it? I know I don't really need to tell you this, but enjoy every moment while you can. Give Simon a belly rub for me.