Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Video Chat with Speedy!

Oh, boy. I just had a nice video chat with Speedy and his mum, Rachel.  There were some technical difficulties at first, but only because I am a doopid hoomin and could not figure my stuff out. But it got fixed.  At first, he was all "This lady talks funny. I bet she even drives on the wrong side of the road!" And he gave me the Bunny Butt of Disapproval. Several times, actually. His mum had to snuggle him and warm him up a bit, then he got more curious. Apparently, he had a busy day of playing, hopping, being outdoors and probably popping in and out of various closets around the globe visiting his homebunnies on this fine Sunday. So he was not too keen on being baby talked by a star-struck Brandi and a yapping chihuahua.  I got to meet Speedy's Dad, too.  I even got to see Speedy's "party bunker", where he sleeps, eats and kicks back after a hard day of binkies and being cheeky.
Sorry, Rach, if I was being vague and a bit shy. I have never video chatted before and I was a bit nervous. Even though I think we know each other pretty well, it was a bit like meeting a person for the first time. Never know what to actually say...
Rachel and I agree that a group chat with other blogging bunny parents would be fun fun fun fun fun!


  1. What fun! I'm surprised Speedy stood still long enough to chat. And I read that as pooping in and out of the closet. He probably did that, too.

  2. What a treat. I just lack all the know how, but it sounds so exciting. Wish I were part of your generation. I haven't given up, but I have such a long way to go and no children or grandchildren to help . . . sigh. I can't imagine getting to talk to Speedy. I had actually forgotten the part about being separated by a common language. You all are too cool!

  3. was fun!I think you did pretty good for a video chat newbe Brandi,I'm an old hat at it as I have had skype for a long time but this was my first go at google too.I think the google chat is easyier to set up compared to skype but I have both systems.on the google video chat we can have up to nine people in the video hang out,where as Skype is great for one on one chats as group chats you have to pay to do that on skype but not on google.but a group chat would be great,we just need to sort out time guys don't be strangers even you can do it Jane,xx Speedy and Rachel

  4. Jane, I suspect you are far more techie than you imply....