Friday, November 9, 2012

Tonx the Piggy Update SHE STILL NEEDS US!

Hi Everybunny,
From what I can gather from the email chatter, Tonx is going to visit the vet today for testing procedures.  This is the first step for a proper diagnosis and treatment. The suspicion is that she has stones. I am wondering, though, if she has crystals. As of last night, some of her pain was alleviated with some bladder analgesics, which made her stop squealing when she voided her bladder, but she is still posturing and tensing up. She is eating ok and with the medication in her system, she is acting more like a good little piggy should.
I want to thank any and all of you who contributed financially to this little girl. My fear is that there are people out there who say  they love all animals (and truly do), while they would give a pound of their own flesh to help a dog or a cat, would never consider a so-called "pocket pet" like guinea pig to be worth their time, effort, or money.
Well wishes are great. Prayers are better. Money is the evil necessity here, though, unfortunately.
Tonx still needs some help. You can help her by going to Special Bunny's website, scrolling down to their donation button and contributing via their PayPal link. Please indicate to them that funds are for Piggy. Special Bunny started the Cinderella Fund to help out in situations like this, when life throws a curve-ball at Rabbit Parents and they need just a little push up the hill. They have agreed to be the fiscal intermediary between donors and the vet of this guinea pig. They have also donated from their Cinderella Fund to help her. This is why, whether I ever have another rabbit or not, I always call myself a Rabbit Person. These are the kinds of people I want to be associated with! Theirs are hearts I want my heart to resemble.
Thank you, Rabbit People!
And thank you, Speedy Rabbit and His Mum, Rachel! May the God of All Creatures, Great and Small, bless you abundantly!!


  1. Speedy's friend Brian has put our post on his rescue blog,even cat people are helping as Brian is a cat how cool is that?and I have had quite a few views for that post,also another of Speedy's pals has put it on twitter and facebook,so it looks hopeful,Speedy and Rachel

  2. That is wonderful! That this little girl is in pain is just heartbreaking.