Friday, November 16, 2012

Picture...and "Vacation"

Another (much better!) picture of Stuffed Speedy!

For the record, I was not vacation. Immediately after Halloween every year, I fall into a very deep depression. Every year. It effects everything about me, around me, etc. It won't go away until December 26. Coincidentally, Bug, my girl baby chihuahua's birthday is December 26!  So St. Commercialism Day ends AND I can celebrate my baby girl's birthday.
This year, as I started to feel the depression deepen, I just unplugged my life.  I gathered pecans, shelled them by hand, played backgammon and cards with my son and watched movies. I caught up on some reading (Moby Dick) and drank a lot of hot cocoa, walked Simon. I am not the best or easiest person to be around when I get like this.
My solution seemed to work a bit. I was able to unclutter my head a bit and look at  the next few weeks from a different perspective.
And it does not help that I lost my job last week. Fun. Fun Fun Fun Fun.
I planned on being unplugged for a little while longer, but I missed the bunny blogs!
So if I get weird in the next few weeks, just ignore it. I can be very dark and melancholy at this time of year. I know a lot of people get this way.


  1. Hi Brandi,Glad you like the photo,but I think you're having a google blip as it hasn't up loaded properly you might need to do it again,I had the same problem the other day.hope you are enjoying you vacation,Speedy and Rachel

  2. Brandi, you go on "vacation" and every thing just falls apart. We want to see that picture of Speedy II. I suspect you are in your van on your way to your bunny crush at HOR.

    1. well I could always post it I did email it to her?

  3. The link is to her email (gmail) so that won't work, since we can't see her private email account.

    Think you'll have to save it to your computer and then upload it to blogger.

    Or just ask one of the bunnies to do it - Lord knows they're clever enough to run the computers better than us!

  4. Brandi, my earlier comment was about not getting the photo. I am so sorry about your being depressed and your job. What idiots you must have been working for. I can't think which of the gejillions of your extraordinary talents you should concentrate on next. I only envy whoever gets the benefit of them. I do pray that you are one of them and that grace will guide. Thank you for all the joy. If I can help, you know how to reach me.

  5. Having struggled with the same issues on and off over the years, I can sympathize. It's nice that you have that goal of Dec. 26 to look forward to. I find that kind of thing really helps. I know January will be bad, so I have a trip planned for early Feb. and that will keep me going.

    Hope life lightens up early for you. If you need to hibernate, you know we'll be waiting for you when you come back.

  6. Forget the job if they are that stoopid thats their problem,but I do feel for you last year I lost my job I got the call while I was on vacation in eygpt the company when but scary when you know that your first day back at work is your last,luckly I was only out of work 5 weeks,but I concentrated on home and my bun,and hubby it was a new begining as it is for have your family your fur babies and hopefully your health the rest will fall into place so don't worry,know that we love you and beside's there's always Speedy