Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Breeders - Bold or Careless?

If a breeder CAN do something, does that mean they SHOULD do it?  Better question yet, do they have the RIGHT to do it? I for one would never eat rabbit meat, any more than a cat lover would eat cat meat. However, I do understand that people breed rabbits for meat, and that some of the most amazing pet bunnies are the products of breeders attempting to create a better source of meat from those rabbits. Genetics is an amazing science.
But what happens when breeding goes...awry? Wonky? Just plain ole strange? Is it responsible breeding and good stewardship to allow such anomalies as seen in the photos below to continue, to allow recessive traits to dominate, even when those traits would normally be weeded out by nature and natural selection if not for human interference?

Keep in mind that the person writing the article does not say WHO bred the rabbits, so don't flip your lids on their website. It is an old article as well. Click on the links and you will see more hairless rabbits. This is not cute, not at all. Nor is it fair to the bunnies. 

Source of Photographs in the Link Above

 If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, that we will all answer for our bad stewardship, in one way or another, in this life or the next. And ignorance then, now, always, in this world and the next, is never an excuse for doing something you should never have done, just because you could do it in the first place. 


  1. that is just plain horrible,poor little mite

  2. I love that you use the word stewardship. We are stewards over this world and its creatures. We will answer for not caring for them, or worse, mistreating them.

    I just hope those bunnies get the love they so deserve.

  3. Sadly..those hairless bunnies are cute..people will want them..and be willing to pay more...i breed chihuahuas and people always ask me for mutant 1 or 2 pound,fragile poorly bred chi....sorry ..i dont breed for that ..but thats what they want...responsible breeders will prevail..i try to educate people...not be rude when they ask...good luck bunny people!

    1. My Chihuahua is about three to four pounds, but she had a severe head injury when she was six weeks old and the vet said it might stunt her growth. She is a tiny thing, but very proportionate. She has sinus issues but I think it might be from having an apple head mother and a deer head father. Her snout veers sharply down and is long.