Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Princess Trippin' Balls

I think Ms. Meanie Girl Bunneh Wunneh likes the Metacam a little too much...she horked down the last dose.
She is eating hay again but her poops are still misshapen and too small. They are also a little too hard. Until I like what I see, she is getting dosed with EVOO twice a day, with a nice long drink of warm water after. She is so cute, she lets me dose her water and olive oil with a Chinese soup spoon.
Oh, she had a weird, elongated poop that pure fuzz when I broke it apart to inspect it. She is pooping and eating, so I am thankful to Jesus for that! One more dose of Metacam and that should be enough for her. The little junkie.

Pretty Princess Trippin' Balls, the Metacam Junkie! My precious little Dustbunny!

Meanie Girl with Minnie, aka Fatty Boom Boom (her "stripper" name. I have a weird family of males)

Minnie aka Fatty Boom Boom, aka Biggun', aka We're Eatin' Her First, aka Eeny Minnie Miney Moe, or just Moe, aka Fat Rolls
She is my pretty pretty Minnie Minnie!

The new x-pen set up in the breakfast nook attached to the kitchen. They love the tile, the sillies. 

I am all out of greens, but they are going to have a nice juicy bell pepper for lunch.   So I better hop to it before I am getting thumps of disapproval.


  1. Thats a Very nice set up,lucky bunnies.Speedy has been exploring today and over the last few day he's allowed to run around the house under supervision for short periods of time,He runs from the kitchen to the lounge then around the lounge stopping at the tree it inspect it then up the stairs around the bath room then into each bedroom and into his room then back down the stairs around the lounge again then up the passage way back in to the kitchen and he love's it.I'm letting him do this quite alot as he not able to go out much as its either wet or really cold and Speedy is not keen on that,and there have been no mishaps either good boy,Rachel

  2. He needs the exercise. Gotta keep that gut in motion! That is one of the best ways to prevent stasis, is to get lots of run and play time!

  3. Brandi, your bunnies are really lucky. When you referred to Metacam junkies, I at first thought you were talking about the way they worked some special kind of camera I hadn't heard about. They are beauties. I love their string of names. It is like they get new titles and honors that keep being added as their status in the royal court increases.

    1. They are family members for sure. I definitely love them WAYYYYYY mor than they love me! LOZ!

  4. I'm not completely sure about this, but I've been told it is hard to measure love.