Thursday, December 13, 2012

That Dang Ole Cat!

As many of you bunny parents know, the three-way-bond is not easy. Since getting my pretty girl Minnie, things are a little strained in the pen. Yes, they all get along OK  but only Minnie and Fatty seem to have bonded. And of course, Fatty and Meany are bonded. Poor guy, he has two wives and they don't like each other much. No, they don't fight, but Meany is a bit of a...well...MEANY towards Minnie and even Fatty when he is snuggled with Minnie. However, the last two or three days, I have seen Minnie and Meany snuggled together and grooming each other. It is very sweet. I think they are finally solidly bonded. This morning, I see all three grooming each other back  and forth. It was so precious. Then Spider gets all nutso and starts knocking stuff off the table, chasing Bug, and just being his normal obnoxious self. He knocks over something with a loud crash and the three bunnies, who were just being so darn cute (you had to see it) grooming each others' heads and ears and such, get startled and scatter to the wind. Leave it to the cat to cause commotion. This is why I can't have a Christmas tree!
I do love that freakin' cat, though. He likes to sit on the counter while I cook, just watching me and trying to paw at the food. The other day, I had a container of oats opened and I walked away for just a second, turn around, and he had his fat paw in the container digging out the oats! I had made soup and put a bowl in the counter, he puts his front paws in the bowl and just sits there! He licks the mayonnaise, butter, tomatoes...he is such a weirdo. He eats hay and rabbit food, too. And as big as he is, even though technically he is still a kitten, he still suckles on Bug's neck like a baby and she just lays there, licking his ears.
I have NEVER been this attached to a cat. He is so funny, endearing, infuriating, and adorable all at the same time.
RG is right. Cats are weird.


  1. Hehehehe that a house full of pets for you but you can still hang stuff from the ceiling and you can weight the tree down,xx Rachel and Speedy

  2. Brandi, you softie! Let me make that, you politically incorrect softie! No chance of losing the "weird" is there? Wonderful news about the bonding. I have been doing some reading - more on that later. I think the story about being "kicked off the island" would be a great Friday 55.

  3. I will have to do that for next Friday! Lol. Nope, cats are weird.

  4. Getting there, Rachel. I should finish up the dining room tomorrow and will put my tree and decorations either tomorrow or Saturday.