Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wool Block - Olive Oil, Warm Water and PUMPKIN

My Meanie Girl has a bit of a tummy ache going on. I noticed she was was a little listless this morning and not being her bossy bitchy self. I also noticed that there were not a whole lot of her poops and what few there was were like the little rocks you find in bags of pinto beans. My grandmother broke a tooth on one of those damned rocks in her youth! I gave her a dose of Metacam, a dose of Little Tummies simethicone for gas, and rubbed her tummy and manipulated her legs and tail to get her gut churning. When I listened for gut noises, I heard nothing. When I fed them their greens, she ate a few leaves, but did not dive right in as usual. I know it's wool block and not stasis because Minnie passed a fecal that was long and when pulled apart, was nothing but wool. So EVERY bunny got a dose of extra virgin olive oil today. Meanie also barbers and grooms obsessively, so I am betting she has a nice big blob of wool in her tum. When I checked her bum, she had a little hard piece of poop stuck inside the opening of her vent.
I have been forcing water, even though she is drinking, and syringing her a mixture of pumpkin, olive oil, hot water and a crushed papaya tablet.  She is devouring this mixture, so I am very glad of that.
This evening I noticed she has been avoiding the other bunnies and sitting in the crinkle tunnel. When I touched her ears they were cold. I brought her into bed with me and cuddled her up, rubbed her tummy and got her nice and warm.
My poor little baby girl. She doesn't even have the heart to be mean to me. That has me worried. She is just so tiny, and weighs less than two pounds.
I dose her again in a little bit with Metacam and simethicone.


  1. poor baby when she starts eating again give her some fresh parsley it rebalances the gut,give her some snuggles from me and Speedy

  2. I will do that! They love parsley. I give them the curly leaf and flat leaf together with fresh mint or cilantro. She is doing a little better today. Like I said, she had a weird longish poop that was pure fluff when I broke it apart to see its contents. She just got another dose of Metacam and more pumpkin with olive oil and warm water slurry. She ate that right up. I think the Metacam makes her a little stoned, but she is active, if in a stoner kind of way. lol.