Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Mr. Bubbles Says "Rabbit People Are Weird"

Mr. B says us rabbit people are weird. We obsess over poop, pee, teeth, ears, fur, nails, eyes, do full body inspections at least once a day, and spend lots of money on organic, healthy things for the rabbits that we will not even feed our children. Ok, that last part only applies to me, but IF my children liked salads, veggies, and hay, then I would be happy to go to the hippy health food store to buy their greenies.
He also jokes that when it comes down to it, he is going to eat my Minnie Lop first thing, cuz she is so fat that he is sure he can get good a cracklin' skin on her. I told him it would be the last thing he ever ate that was not through a straw if that day ever comes.
The rest of the world does not understand the obsession rabbit people have with their beloved companions. My rabbits have taught me to be gentler, kinder, a better steward. You cannot be in a negative or over excited state of mind and be around rabbits. Wanting to be around rabbits requires a person to quiet their mind, slow their hearts a bit, deepen and slow their breathing, to take a  moment to calm themselves.
As for poop, well, poop is EVERYTHING. A rabbit runs on its gut. It is a finely tuned machine that needs constant monitoring, calibration, maintenance, and tweaking. That is why my bunns get the best I can afford. If I had to choose between my diabetes medicine and good bunny food, I would choose the bunny food.
Mr. Bubbles may be right. We are a little weird, us bunny people.


  1. Hi, I'm Lalis, I'm a bunny person and proud!

    ...and yeah, poop IS everything.

  2. Brandi, You are so right. For some of us, the bunns are meant to be everything. I am able to volunteer again at our shelter/sanctuary and am experiencing again "the way of the Bunn" - getting to meet them and comfort them while they are trying to understand their new surroundings. It breaks my heart to leave them. Finding or creating what they desperately need within yourself is a transforming experience. No matter how weird we may be thought, there is no true happiness without a bunn and the gifts a bunn brings.

    1. ABSOLUTELY! There is an honor in being able to protect and provide for these shy noble creatures. If they will trust you, you have done something only GOD has been able to do! It is also seeing them in the light of gentleness and peace of spirit, and not seeing them as something to eat or skin or give to a pet snake. You have to see their little souls. It IS a life changing experience that makes us a little more like God and a little less than the beasts that our base tendencies feed.

    2. Hahahaha SHY?nothing shy about Speedy Noble yes but not shy.and theres nothing weird about bunny people crazy yes but weird no.And who is Mr Bubbles? and can I help with the straw thing?I have a nice weight rolling pin that come's in handy some times...shhh thats between you and me,xx Rachel

    3. Mr. Bubbles, Mr. B, Bug's Big Daddy, Chief Smart Ass, Will, William.
      My husband of 20 years and father to my two Smart Ass Juniors.
      Mr. Bubbles got his name because he is big and Bug is tiny and she is his Little Sister and he must protect her with his life. This was decided after Bug was almost killed in the first we had her because she got out of our bedroom while he was in the shower and Simon (the shithead splicer) bit her head. We almost lost her. So now Mr. Bubbles guards her with his life.