Wednesday, August 28, 2013

10% Off Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food With eCoupon Code!

I cannot believe how quick four adult rabbits will tear through a 19 pound container of Sherwood Forest Natural Rabbit Food! I JUST got them a box, noticed it was dwindling pretty fast, and ordered another box a moment ago. Thank God shipping is cheap, less than five dollars for me via priority mail and it gets here super quick! That is FANTASTIC for a big ole 19 pound box of pellets.
What is funny is that when I switched to the SFNRF, my bunnies turned their noses up at it, and refused to eat. But now they just lose their little minds over these pellets.
The only problem I have now with feeding my bunnies is that they actually want the pellets over hay AND store bought greens. About the only thing they prefer to their pellets are oats and backyard harvested dandies and clover.
I ordered a fifty pound box of Oxbow Orchard Grass Hay at Pet Food Direct online and got free shipping. It didn't take too long for it to arrive, less than two weeks, which is NOT BAD for a huge box of hay via UPS and for free no less. I know this will last a while, but I think they miss their tim, so I will order a fifty pound box of Oxbow Timothy Hay, with free shipping.

Is Sherwood Forest paying me to talk them up and ooh and ahh over their rabbit food?
NO! I rave about these pellets because my bunnies are chunky, glossy, lushly-coated, bright eyed and their urine smells like hay, not ammonia.

Give them a try. You can order a free sample, and you can see for yourself how nutso the Rabbit Overlords go for these fragrant, soy-free pellets.

Oh, and perhaps one reason I needed another box of pellets so soon was because Spider, our dang ole goofy cat, kept knocking over the container, and Simon, our big lab, was EATING THEM!

**************OF NOTE***************

You may notice that their poop is darker, almost black, and feels a bit oily to the touch. When broken open, the insides are dry, fibrous, and a dark green, the same color as the pellets. Some people will tell you that this is not right, that rabbits should have brown, easily crumbled poops with hay fibers.
Well, my bunnies do not eat anything brown, and their poops are very fibrous and easy to break apart.
Let me tell you about Myra D. She is the gorgeous bunny I found hopping around outside, living feral last spring. Her diet consisted of 100% fresh green grass and other herbs from living "wild". Her poops were black, oily, and dark all the way through, with no hay fibers when broken apart. Of course, she was not eating hay at all, so it would be strange to find hay fibers in her poops.
All four of the bunnies have poops that are black, a tiny bit oily and smooth to the touch, BUT AGAIN, are broken apart easily, dry on the inside, and with abundant fibers, and again, are green as the forest on this insides. Now this is a state of poopage that is closer to what Myra was putting out while she was living like a wild rabbit.
So if your babies start pooping thus, do not panic. They are fine. My babies poop like someone is paying them for each doot. I could fill an empty warehouse in a year with their poops. Quantity is often a sign of quality where rabbit poops are concerned.


  1. if only I could get this here in the uk I would try it in a heart beat how ever Speedy's poops are quite day and oily to but fibrous but he does eat a lot of a hay but he has Burgess Super Rabbit Excel light for adult bunnies and he has a mix of greens 3 times a day.There is another pellet that is recomended which is Science Selective but I found it makes Speedy's and My last buns poops a bit sloppy so I don't use it all of the buns I have had have been fed on Burgess Super Rabbit Excel,I have found it to be the best we can get here in the uk as it is made from grass and mint herbs,xx Rachel

  2. We guinea pigs have burgess excel guinea pig pellets it's the same make as Speedy's food and we have just recently changed to it because it is much healthier than our old food.

  3. Brandi, this report and your integrity cannot be questioned. This is great information to get. However, the cat and the dog are on the take. God Bless, Juana

  4. Spider likes to be high, as in high UP, like on top of door frames, the garage roof, the frig...that's how he kept knocking the rabbit pellets down - by springing off the container.
    I bet Simon had nice soft fluffy poops after eating all those pellets with all that fiber!
    Shipping to the UK would cost crazy money! But you get Ready Grass there, and I can't get it here, but would love to!