Friday, August 9, 2013

Still In The Hospital

Science is fascinated with spider web, especially for military applications. What the military needs to be fascinated with instead is spider venom. Brown recluse spider venom is a wicked summummabitch.
Joshua is here at least til Sunday. My worry is being able to control his pain at home, since the bite is getting worse and worse even as he gets systemically better. He cannot put pressure on that leg and we might be looking at physical therapy.

Here are some pictures from today for comparison. I had to snap them when Wound Care came to change his dressing.

That IS all dead tissue. I am hoping (HE is DEFINITELY hoping) that it does not spread too close to his scrotum.  lol????

Again, thank you all for the well wishes and prayers.


  1. Oh eesh! I just caught on to what's been going on. Definitely count on my prayers as well, that just sounds miserable... And THAT IS WHY I VACUUM THE DAMN SUCKERS! Ugh...

  2. Brandi, This is such good news. I think Josh is going to be a saint. I went to church and lit a candle for him. That is the miracle he is responsible for(you know the part about my going through the doors), but just so you will know that candle is all his. I didn't try to add on anything about bunnies. Nope, that candle was just for Josh. I don't know anything about Anne Lamott, but I saw a quote of hers today. "I don't know anything about the mystery of grace, but it will find you wherever you are, and it won't leave you where it found you.

  3. Wow .. poor guy!! I think hospitals are right miserable places.. so here's hoping he can get better and get home ASAP. I'm of the opinion more pain and being at home is SO worth the escape from the hospital.

    May he have a Speedy recovery!

  4. Nasty looking wound Brandi,we will keep praying,xx Rachel and Speedy