Sunday, August 11, 2013

Finally Home and Ellie May Clampett

We are finally home. He did turn the corner yesterday after he had gone 24 hours or so without the morphine for pain. I think once he was not a zombie, he started to perk up, started to get an appetite and started being his usual snarky self.
He had also gone 24 hours as of this morning without a fever. So they let him come home. The only thing he is taking for pain now is acetaminophen.
After exactly one week of misery, and five days in the hospital, I can hardly believe he is home and doing so well, almost as if it did not happen.
My house is a bit of a mess, and the bunny pens need cleaning. But all that can wait while I enjoy my own bed, fan, house, family, Bug, Spider...just being home!
Thank you all for everything!

So I leave you all with recent photos of Ellie May, the baby possum who is so ugly she is cute.


  1. Yahooooo! Go Snarky Self! And another American woman thinks her house is a mess! Sweet dreams to all. I hear the sounds of normal.

  2. woohooo!Yippee for Normal,Get well soon Josh,and Sweet dreams to You Brandi and Mr Bubbles,xx Rachel and Speedy and Hubby

  3. So happy to see the news your son is home and on the mend!! Happy! Happy! Happy! <3